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SPORTS: Winter Sports

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SPORTS: Winter Sports

Dino-hockey book Dino-hockey

Wheeler, Lisa, 1963-

The meat-eating dinosaurs challenge the plant-eating dinosaurs to a hockey match.

Dinos in the snow! book Dinos in the snow!

Wilson, Karma.

Dinosaurs enjoy many snow activities, from building snowmen and having snowball fights to skiing and skating.

Double twist Juvenile Book Double twist

King, Donna.

Twelve-year-old Laura Lee and her thirteen-year-old partner, Patric, have their sights set on the Junior Pair skating championship at the Montreal Grand Prix. After months of preparation, they are almost ready for the performance of their lives. Well drilled in their lifts and spins, the two skate like a dream together. But a training accident puts Patric out of action. Laura's dreams are shattered--unless she can find a new partner at the last minute. Laura has seen a boy at the rink with natural talent but no training. Can Scott turn into the perfect partner in just two weeks?

Extreme snowboarding Juvenile Book Extreme snowboarding

Kalman, Bobbie.
J 796.939 KALMAN

Explains the basics of snowboarding, including safety concerns, competitions, and famous snowboarders.

Figure skating for fun! Juvenile Book Figure skating for fun!

Jones, Jen.
J 796.912 JONES

The ice age -- The rink -- The world of figure skating -- Equipment -- Practice and training -- Stretching and warming up -- Blade edges -- Your first time on the ice -- Skating forward and backward -- Stops and falls -- Spins and jumps -- Pairs skating -- Competition figure skating -- Costumes and clothing -- Synchronized skating -- Ice dancing -- Skater biographies -- The Olympics -- Ice shows -- Timeline -- Trivia.

Fire on ice :   autobiography of a champion figure skater book Fire on ice : autobiography of a champion figure skater

Cohen, Sasha, 1984-

Champion Figure Skater Sasha Cohen captured the world's attention with her exquisite spiral and outstanding layback spin at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. In Torino, she reigned as the most intriguing contender in figure skating at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games and triumphed with the silver medal. For the first time, Sasha tells her amazing story, in her own words, including: Her discovery of ice skating at age 7 and the coaches who trained her, Her comeback from the injury that almost ended her career, The crushing lows and miracle wins.

This is the official autobiography of the world's most captivating skater, on and off the ice. Book jacket.

Freeze frame :  a photographic history of the Winter Olympics Juvenile Book Freeze frame : a photographic history of the Winter Olympics

Macy, Sue.
J 796.98 MACY

Highlights in the history of the Winter Olympics from their inception in 1924 to today, including profiles of the Olympic athletes and information on the lesser-known winter sports. Also includes an Olympic almanac with information about each Olympiad.

Getting in the game Juvenile Book Getting in the game

FitzGerald, Dawn.

When everyone tries to get thirteen-year-old Joanna off the boys ice hockey team, including Ben, her best friend since kindergarten, Jo resolves to deal with the problems caused by her participation.

Ice time :  the story of hockey Juvenile Book Ice time : the story of hockey

McKinley, Michael, 1961-
J 796.355 MCKINLE

McKinley discusses the history of the game, from the Dominion Challenge Trophy (better known as the Stanley Cup) donated by Lord Stanley with the hope of uniting Canada by gathering its teams for competitions in 1892, to modern times with heroes like Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

Icebreaker Juvenile Book Icebreaker

Barwin, Steven.

Gregg Stokes can tell you exactly when his life took a turn for the worse. It was the day his new stepsister, Amy, joined the starting line-up of his hockey team, and everyone immediately felt the deep chill between them. Can they thaw their icy relationship for the sake of the team and their new family?

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