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SPORTS: Outdoor Sports

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SPORTS: Outdoor Sports

Saltwater fishing Juvenile Book Saltwater fishing

Salas, Laura Purdie.
J 799.16 SALAS

Describes the equipment, skills, conservation issues, and safety concerns of saltwater fishing.

Fishing in action Juvenile Book Fishing in action

Dyer, Hadley.
J 799.1 DYER

Fishing in Action provides kids with easy-to-follow instructions on the different styles of fishing, such as fishing with bait and fly fishing, the necessary equipment, and some helpful hints on how to make a catch.

Granddad's fishing buddy book Granddad's fishing buddy

Quigley, Mary, 1963-

A young girl and her grandfather go fishing and meet up with the heron that always helps him find fish.

Fishing Juvenile Book Fishing

Mason, Paul, 1967-
J 799.1 MASON

Recreational sports -- Where to fish -- Getting started -- Fishing gear --Setting up your gear -- Casting -- Finding fish -- Hooking a fish -- Landing a fish -- Releasing a fish -- Fishing around the world -- Interview: fishing crazy!

Go, Spud, go! book Go, Spud, go!

Estrella, Linda.

Spud loves his new skateboard. Spud has an accident because he is skateboarding too fast.

Board rebel Juvenile Book Board rebel

Maddox, Jake.

When Tanner moves to an exclusive new town he misses his old skate park, but with the help of the town bully and another new friend, Tanner thinks he can figure out a way to get a skate park built in Woodville.

Big air skateboarding Juvenile Book Big air skateboarding

David, Jack, 1968-
J 796.22 DAVID

Photographs of amazing feats accompany engaging information about big air skateboarding. The combination of high-interest subject matter and light text is intended to engage readers in grades 3 through 7.

Biking Juvenile Book Biking

Mason, Paul, 1967-
J 796.6 MASON

Recreational sports -- Getting started -- Setting up your bike -- Bike maintenance -- Biking equipment -- Basic skills -- Riding uphill -- Downhill riding -- Cornering safety -- Bike tricks and BMX -- Health and fitness -- Keeping bike fit -- Biking around the world -- Cycle crazy.

Buster climbs the walls book Buster climbs the walls

Brown, Marc Tolon.

When his father takes him to visit Boulder, Colorado, Buster sends postcards to his friends back home sharing what he is learning about the Rocky Mountains and rock climbing.

Rock climbing and rappeling Juvenile Book Rock climbing and rappeling

Mason, Paul, 1967-
J 796.5223 MASON

Recreational sports -- Getting started -- Top-roping and belaying -- Climbing equipment -- Basic technique -- Natural rock -- Bouldering -- Leading climbs -- Climbing signals -- Rappeling -- Climbing knots -- Fit to climb -- Climbing and rappeling around the world -- Climbing crazy

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