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Snarf attack, underfoodle, and the secret of life :  the Riot brothers tell all Juvenile Book Snarf attack, underfoodle, and the secret of life : the Riot brothers tell all

Amato, Mary.

Narrated by fifth-grader Wilbur and featuring his third-grade brother, Orville, this hilarious story follows the antics of two boys with overactive imaginations and a comfortable sibling relationship. The action is divided into three "books," with six chapters each.

The strange case of Origami Yoda Juvenile Book The strange case of Origami Yoda

Angleberger, Tom.

Sixth-grader Tommy and his friends describe their interactions with a paper finger puppet of Yoda, worn by their weird classmate Dwight, as they try to figure out whether or not the puppet can really predict the future. Includes instructions for making Origami Yoda.

Roscoe Riley rules.  # 1,  Never glue your friends to chairs Juvenile Book Roscoe Riley rules. # 1, Never glue your friends to chairs

Applegate, Katherine.

ROSCOE RILEY RULES SERIES. When the first-graders' bee antennae would not stay on their heads and the drummers would not stay in their seats for the open house play, Roscoe decides to help by using the "don't-you-dare" glue.

Once upon a banana book Once upon a banana

Armstrong, Jennifer, 1961-

Everyday signs serve as captions for this pictorial tale of what happens after a man tosses a banana peel into the garbage can and misses.

The hero revealed Juvenile Book The hero revealed

Boniface, William.

THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ORDINARY BOY. Ordinary Boy, the only resident of Superopolis without a superpower, uncovers and foils a sinister plot to destroy the town.

Annabel the actress starring in Juvenile Book Annabel the actress starring in "Gorilla My Dreams"

Conford, Ellen.

Though a little disppointed that her first acting part is to be a gorilla at a birthday party, Annabel determines to really get into the role.

Cosmic Juvenile Book Cosmic

Cottrell Boyce, Frank.

12-year old Liam looks like he's thirty. Sometimes it's not bad; for example on the first day of school the principal mistakes Liam for a teacher or when he convinces a car dealer to let him test drive a Porsche. So feeling like he's stuck between two worlds, Liam cons his way into being the adult chaperone on the first space ship to take civilians into space. But when the ship is stuck 230,000 miles from home, being mistaken for an adult is not good.

Jack on the tracks :  four seasons of fifth grade Juvenile Book Jack on the tracks : four seasons of fifth grade

Gantos, Jack.

A Newberry Award-winning Author Inspired by the author's childhood journals, this collection of nine stories brings to life the humorous highs and laughable lows of a unique fifth-grade year.

Toad rage Juvenile Book Toad rage

Gleitzman, Morris.

Limpy, a young cane toad, is horrified at how many of his family members have tragically died, flat as a pancake, on the road. He cannot understand why humans seem to go out of their way to run over toads. Desperate to save the rest of his family from the wheels of passing cars, Limpy decides he must do something to close the rift in human-toad relations, and he embarks on a risky campaign to show humans how nice cane toads can be. This funny tale of one toad’s bold quest to reach out to another species will give readers plenty of laughs.

Goofballs in paradise Juvenile Book Goofballs in paradise

Hannan, Peter.

SUPER GOOFBALLS SERIES. Super Vacation Man and his trusty sidekick, Blunder Mutt, are off to save the world . . . or are they? Mondo Grumpo--the grumpiest, meanest, grouchiest supervillain around--is on the loose! One thing's for sure: this is a vacation the super Goofballs will never forget!

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