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Anna's wish book Anna's wish

H├Ąchler, Bruno.

Anna has never seen snow; it stopped snowing before she was born. But through the power of her wishes and her faith, Anne brings snow to the village again.

Chinese New Year Juvenile Book Chinese New Year

Heinrichs, Ann.
J 394.261 HEINRIC

The Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate renewal and fresh beginnings. In America, this holiday has become an important and exciting cultural tradition. Lively illustrations and informative text teach readers about the history and pastimes associated with the Chinese New Year, as well as what they can do to commemorate the day.

Drummer boy book Drummer boy

Long, Loren.

After accidentally being thrown away, a beloved toy drummer boy goes on an adventure that eventually brings him back to a warm home, where he is placed near baby Jesus in a manger scene.

Great joy book Great joy

DiCamillo, Kate.

In her first picture book, Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo reunites with acclaimed artist Bagram Ibatoulline, illustrator of "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane," to offer readers a timeless holiday story of compassion and joy.

Groundhog Day! book Groundhog Day!

Gibbons, Gail.
E 394.261 GIBBONS

Every February 2nd, people all across the country turn their eye toward Pennsylvania, home to the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. They wonder if he will see his shadow that day. This book offers information about Groundhog Day, its origins, and information about the animal at the center of this delightful event.

Hanukkah at Valley Forge Juvenile Book Hanukkah at Valley Forge

Krensky, Stephen.

Could the story of the long-ago victory of the Jews against the Greeks have led to George Washington's success at Valley Forge? Krensky's fictionalized version of a poignant historical anecdote is brought vividly to life in Harlin's brilliant watercolor illustrations.

Happy New Year, Julie Juvenile Book Happy New Year, Julie

McDonald, Megan.

Julie knows the holidays will be difficult this year, but when her sister refuses to go to Dads house for Christmas, Julie feels as if her family is falling apart. Julie finds comfort with her best friend, Ivy Ling, whose Chinese-American family is getting ready for Chinese New Year.

Heroes for civil rights Juvenile Book Heroes for civil rights

Adler, David A.
J 323.0922 ADLER

Whether marching, speaking, or simply going to school, brave men and women fought to advance social justice so that others could enjoy their rights. Adler's moving profiles and Farnsworth's evocative paintings honors these Americans who risked their own lives for freedom.

I have a little dreidel book I have a little dreidel

Baum, Maxie.

The classic Hanukkah song comes to life in this festive adaptation of the beloved dreidel song.

I've seen the promised land :  the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. book I've seen the promised land : the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is one of the most celebrated figures of the twentieth century. A crusader for nonviolent social justice, he led African Americans in their demands for equality through peaceful protests during one of the most tumultuous times in recent history. Set against key moments in the civil rights movement, here is the story of the powerful, eloquent spiritual leader and his belief that nonviolence could be used to overcome racial discrimination.

If you'll be my Valentine book If you'll be my Valentine

Rylant, Cynthia.

What kind of valentine would you send to a puppy or a kitten or your mother or big brother? Enjoy and be inspired by a young boy's special way of making cards that no loved one can resist!

Kwanzaa :  African American celebration of culture Juvenile Book Kwanzaa : African American celebration of culture

Doering, Amanda.
J 394.2612 DOERING

This colorful introduction to the African-American holiday of Kwanza explores how it got started and ways people celebrate.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Juvenile Book Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Trueit, Trudi Strain.
J 394.261 TRUEIT

The third Monday in January is a time to remember a man who fought for peace and equality. This book discusses Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the origins of the day named in his honor.

My Chinese New Year book My Chinese New Year

Hughes, Monica.
E 394.261 HUGHES

Simple introduction to Chinese New Year for young children.

My first Kwanzaa book My first Kwanzaa

Katz, Karen.

A noted author and illustrator kicks off a new series of picture books for the very young with this title that introduces the holiday Kwanzaa in a warm and lively fashion.

One president was born on Independence Day :  and other freaky facts about the 26th through 43rd presidents Juvenile Book One president was born on Independence Day : and other freaky facts about the 26th through 43rd presidents

Seuling, Barbara.
J 973.099 SEULING

A collection of odd facts about United States presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush.

Presidents' Day Juvenile Book Presidents' Day

Trueit, Trudi Strain.
J 394.261 TRUEIT

The third Monday in February is a time to honor the presidents of the United States. This book discusses the origins of Presidents' Day and offers young readers creative ways to celebrate the fun of this patriotic day.

Presidents' Day book Presidents' Day

Rockwell, Anne F.

For Presidents Day, the students in Mrs. Maoffs class know just how to celebrate by putting on a play about Americas forefathers, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Punxsutawney Phyllis book Punxsutawney Phyllis

Hill, Susanna Leonard.

Although she can predict the weather much better than the boys in her family, no one thinks that Phyllis the groundhog has a chance of replacing the aging Punxsutawney Phil when Groundhog Day's official groundhog retires.

Snowflake Bentley book Snowflake Bentley

Martin, Jacqueline Briggs.

A biography of a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes in order to study their unique formations.

Snowmen at night book Snowmen at night

Buehner, Caralyn.

Snowmen play games at night when no one is watching.

Substitute groundhog book Substitute groundhog

Miller, Pat, 1951 May 28-

Everyone knows that Groundhog has an important job to do every February 2, but this year he's not feeling well. Dr. Owl diagnoses him with the flu and orders two days of bed rest. How will people know the weather forecast if Groundhog is down in his hole in bed?

The Miracle Jar :  a Hanukkah story book The Miracle Jar : a Hanukkah story

Penn, Audrey, 1947-

A family in the Old Country hopes to recreate the miracle of the first Hanukkah by making a small jar of cooking oil last long enough to make a treat for each of the eight nights.

The shortest day :  celebrating the winter solstice Juvenile Book The shortest day : celebrating the winter solstice

Pfeffer, Wendy, 1929-
J 394.261 PFEFFER

The beginning of winter is marked by the solstice, the shortest day of the year. Long ago, people grew afraid when each day had fewer hours of sunshine than the day before. Over time, they realized that one day each year the sun started moving toward them again. In lyrical prose and cozy illustrations, this book explains what the winter solstice is and how it has been observed by various cultures throughout history.

The snow day book The snow day

Sakai, Komako, 1966-

A little rabbit enjoys having a day off from kindergarten and spending time with his mother during a snowstorm, but his father's flight home is canceled until the snow stops falling.

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