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READ-ALIKES: Captain Underpants

READ-ALIKES: Captain Underpants

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Goofballs in paradise Juvenile Book Goofballs in paradise

Hannan, Peter.

Super Vacation Man and Blunder Mutt are hang gliding their way to an important case. Could they be after Mondo Grumpo, the grouchiest villain around? Word is he's on the move, plotting something grumpy. Make that superevil grumpy! He must be stopped before he sucks all the fun out of the world! But wait a minute! Are Super Vacation Man and Blunder Mutt off saving the world, or just super goofing off? Where are those two Super Goofballs . . . and what exactly are they doing?

Field trip to Niagara Falls Juvenile Book Field trip to Niagara Falls

Stilton, Geronimo.

Holey cheese, what an adventure! I was off to Niagara Falls with my nephew Benjamin's class. It was a beautiful place -- truly one of the most amazing sights I'd ever seen. But unfortunately, I was surrounded by mischievous young mouselets who were determined send me over the Falls in a barrel! Oh, would I ever make it back to Mouse Island alive?

The Artsy Smartsy Club Juvenile Book The Artsy Smartsy Club

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 1941-

They were on their own -- three kids and one giant chicken. Stuck in Hoboken for the summer, Nick Itch, Loretta Fischetti, and Bruno Ugg are really, really bored. After whiling away their time spitting in the Hudson River and trying to teach Henrietta, Nick's 266-pound chicken, how to juggle marshmallows, they're ready for something -- anything -- to happen. When a mysterious and brilliant chalk artist starts decorating Hoboken's streets, the three friends are blown away. They set off to explore the art world in a frenzy of adventurous drawing, screeving, and eggplant picnics.

Looking for Bobowicz :  a Hoboken chicken story Juvenile Book Looking for Bobowicz : a Hoboken chicken story

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 1941-

When Nick moved from the leafy suburbs to muggy, urban Hoboken and his bike was stolen, he wasn't pleased. Then he found a place where he could listen to pirate radio friends with a stack of Classics Comics newspaper reports about a kid named Arthur Bobowicz and a 266-pound chicken named Henrietta the secret entrance to Sibyl's Cave and much, much more, all of it practically true.

The Werewolf Club meets Oliver Twit Juvenile Book The Werewolf Club meets Oliver Twit

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 1941-

While they're figuring out what to do, the young werewolves have plenty of time to take in some sights usually missed by your average tour bus, and even help legendary detective Sherlock Holmes thwart the notorious Jack the Schlepper's attempt to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London. There will always be an England -- but never one like the Werewolf Club's England.

Camp Babymouse Juvenile Book Camp Babymouse

Holm, Jennifer L.

In this sixth graphic novel in a series, Babymouse is off to camp. All she has to do is relax and make sure she doesn't get lost in the wilderness. What could possibly go wrong?

Fat camp commandos Juvenile Book Fat camp commandos

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 1941-

Fed up with the systematic jeering and abuse at Camp Noo Yoo, where frantic parents send their pudgy little darlings in the hopes that they will shed a few of those socially unacceptable pounds, Ralph and Sylvia Nebula and their friend, Mavis Goldfarb, hop a bus back to Pokooksie. There, they seek revenge. Revenge on their parents. Revenge on Dr. Frizzbender, founder of Anti-Fat day. And revenge on Richard "Dick" Tator, the overweight and overbearing owner of Camp Noo Yoo.

Dude, where's my spaceship? Juvenile Book Dude, where's my spaceship?

Greenburg, Dan.

When their spaceship crash lands on Earth, Ploo is captured by the Army and taken to the mysterious Area 51. While her brothers, Lek and Klatu, try to rescue her, Ploo uses her ESP to make a new friend.

Drooling and dangerous :  the Riot Brothers return! Juvenile Book Drooling and dangerous : the Riot Brothers return!

Amato, Mary.

Orville and Wilbur Riot have never been strangers to adventure. Now they're back with more games, more missions, and loads more fun. One day they are spies on the trail of dangerous criminals, the next they are movie stars in the making. A companion to Snarf Attack, Underfoodle, and the Secret of Life: The Riot Brothers Tell All.

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