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AWARD WINNERS: Caldecott Medal

The Caldecott Medal honors the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.

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Grandfather's journey book Grandfather's journey
1994 WINNER. A Japanese American man recounts his grandfather's journey to America which he later also undertakes, and the feelings of being torn by a love for two different countries.

Say, Allen.
Mirette on the high wire book Mirette on the high wire
1993 WINNER. Mirette learns tightrope walking from Monsieur Bellini, a guest in her mother's boarding house, not knowing that he is a celebrated tightrope artist who has withdrawn from performing because of fear.

McCully, Emily Arnold.
Tuesday book Tuesday
1992 WINNER. Frogs rise on their lily pads, float through the air, and explore the nearby houses while their inhabitants sleep.

Wiesner, David.
Black and white book Black and white
1991 WINNER. Four brief "stories" about parents, trains, and cows, or is it really all one story? The author recommends careful inspection of words and pictures to both minimize and enhance confusion.

Macaulay, David.
Lon Po Po :  a Red-Riding Hood story from China book Lon Po Po : a Red-Riding Hood story from China
1990 WINNER. Three sisters staying home alone are endangered by a hungry wolf who is disguised as their grandmother.

Young, Ed.
E 398.2095 YOUNG
Song and dance man book Song and dance man
1989 WINNER. Grandpa demonstrates for his visiting grandchildren some of the songs, dances, and jokes he performed when he was a vaudeville entertainer.

Ackerman, Karen, 1951-
Owl moon book Owl moon
1988 WINNER. On a winter's night under a full moon, a father and daughter trek into the woods to see the Great Horned Owl.

Yolen, Jane.
Hey, Al book Hey, Al
1987 WINNER. A city janitor and his treasured canine companion are transported by a large colorful bird to an island in the sky, where their comfortable paradise existence threatens to turn them into birds as well.

Yorinks, Arthur.
The Polar Express book The Polar Express
1986 WINNER. A magical train ride on Christmas Eve takes a boy to the North Pole to receive a special gift from Santa Claus.

Van Allsburg, Chris.
Saint George and the dragon :  a golden legend Juvenile Book Saint George and the dragon : a golden legend
1985 WINNER. Retells the segment from Spenser's The Faerie Queene, in which George, the Red Cross Knight, slays the dreadful dragon that has been terrorizing the countryside for years and brings peace and joy to the land.

Hodges, Margaret.
J 398.2 HODGES
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