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Mama's day book Mama's day
In this touching tribute to motherhood, Ashman's glowing descriptions of maternal love are matched with Ormerod's inviting artwork to create an ode to mothers and babies everywhere.

Ashman, Linda.
Memorial Day book Memorial Day
Introduces the history of Memorial Day and explains how it is observed today.

Cotton, Jacqueline S.
E 394.262 COTTON
Memorial Day Juvenile Book Memorial Day
Lively illustrations and reader-friendly text explore the roots of Memorial Day, a time for honor and celebration in the United States.

Trueit, Trudi Strain.
J 394.262 TRUEIT
Memorial Day Juvenile Book Memorial Day
Hats off to our heroes! They gave their lives fighting for the United States. That's why Americans honor them with parades and speeches on this solemn May day.

Ditchfield, Christin.
J 394.262 DITCHFI
Memorial Day surprise book Memorial Day surprise
It's Memorial Day and Marco and Mama are going to see the parade. On their way, they pass Marco's grandfather's house. They usually stop to see Grandfather, but today Mama is in a rush because she has promised Marco a surprise. Marco can't imagine what the surprise might be. Could it be the marching band? The fire engines? The candy tossed to the crowd by a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty? Mama promises that it will be a better surprise than candy. As the parade goes by, Marco wishes his grandfather were with him to enjoy it. Then, marching down the street, come the veterans, wearing uniforms and shiny medals. And who is out front, leading them? Marco is in for a big surprise.

Golding, Theresa Martin.
Minerva Louise and the colorful eggs book Minerva Louise and the colorful eggs
Minerva Louise finds some peculiar very eggs of all colors and patterns on the farm. And they're in the strangest places. Which hen is laying these eggs? Minerva Louise solves the mystery in this goofy Easter comedy.

Stoeke, Janet Morgan.
Mother's Day Juvenile Book Mother's Day
The second Sunday in May is a time to celebrate mothers and all those who are like mothers. This book discusses the origins of Mother's Day and explains how songs, poems, and food can prove useful in showing our appreciation for mothers, stepmothers, aunts, grandmothers, and sisters.

Heinrichs, Ann.
J 394.2628 HEINRIC
My Easter book My Easter
Young children get ready to celebrate Easter with this work of easy non-fiction.

Gillis, Jennifer Blizin, 1950-
E 394.2667 GILLIS
On that Easter morning book On that Easter morning
The events of the first Easter are simply and movingly told in this gorgeous book. The text, closely based on a range of passages from the Bible, retells the key events in the Holy Week and Easter.

Joslin, Mary, 1953-
E 232.97 JOSLIN
Shannon and the world's tallest leprechaun book Shannon and the world's tallest leprechaun
Shannon has been practicing for the local St. Patrick's Day step dancing competition, but worries about her homemade dress and second-hand shoes until she summons a very unusual leprechaun, hoping that he can help her do well.

Callahan, Sean, 1965-
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