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Help : Site Requirements
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Site Requirements

The Sno-Isle website is designed to work with the default browser settings. If you modify your browser settings or use security software that modifies the browser settings, the website may not work as intended.

General Website Minimum Requirements

  • PC: Internet Explorer 7.x and later, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape 7.x and later, Chrome 3.x and later, Opera 6.x and later
  • MAC: Safari 1.1 and later, Firefox 2.0 and later
  • LINUX: Firefox 2.0 and later
  • Javascript enabled
  • Accept browser cookies
  • Adobe Reader 8.0 or later
  • Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later
  • Windows Media Player series 9 or later (Overdrive users)
  • Quicktime x9.1 or later (Overdrive MAC users)
  • Default browser security settings
  • Default browser cache settings
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Polaris Library Catalog Minimum Requirements

  • PC: Internet Explorer 6.x and later, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape 7.x and later, Opera 7.0 and later, PWB 2.0 and later.
  • MAC: Safari 1.1 and later
  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled
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3rd party vendor websites Minimum Requirements

Generally speaking most websites we link to or recommend should work under our General Requirements listed above. However, in some cases a 3rd party product may not work for every browser and version. If this is the case, the vendor usually will list additional site requirements directly on their Web site.

  • All-Data Auto Repair: Currently does not work with Google Chrome, but the vendor is working on a solution.
  • Freegal: Freegal has recently updated their music download service, enabling more features to improve browsing for customers. At this time, the best user experience is possible with browsers other than Internet Explorer. We expect that Freegal will be easy to use with any internet browser very soon.
  • I.T. Academy: Minimum: Windows XP, or Windows 7 or higher, Minumum Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Chrome 25.0.1364.172 or higher, Firefox 19.0.1 or higher. Recommended System: Operating System: Windows 8. Browser: Current version of Internet Explorer. Broadband Internet Connection.
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Signing (Logging) into Services

The Sno-Isle Libraries website is comprised of many different products, services and links to 3rd party products, software and services. In most cases, we've tried to maintain a 'single sign-on' experience, so that when you've logged in once, you'll be logged into all other services on our website. In some cases, due to security and technology reasons by the vendor you'll be required to login again. And in some cases only your library card number will work (and not your username, if you've established one in your account).

  • Overdrive: Only Library Card Number
  • Freegal: Only Library Card Number
  • iPhone APP: Only Library Card Number
  • Android APP: Only Library Card Number
  • 3M Cloud Library Only Library Card Number (note: they ask for username, but only library card number works)
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Android Tablets and Desktop/Mobile site

Some Android tablet devices will only show you the mobile site by default. To force the tablet to display the desktop version of the catalog, view the 'settings' for your browser and choose 'Request Desktop Site'. The tablet browser will remember that you want to see the desktop version of the Sno-Isle Catalog.

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Ad Blockers

Ad Blocking or Ad Filtering software or plug-ins are used by some users to prevent advertisements from displaying on websites they visit. Ad Blocking software can have false positives and actually remove content that is not advertising -- in many cases you won't know important content is missing. Ad Blocking software can also remove code preventing important functionality, such as signing in. For this reason, we do not recommend using Ad Blocking software on the Sno-Isle website. Most Ad Blocking software can exclude designated websites and we recommend that you add sno-isle.org to the excluded website list.

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Auto complete

Auto complete for user names and passwords is largely managed by the users browser or browser add-ons. It is not a function that is handled by a website, but rather is a part of your browser. In some cases auto complete entries can have typos in them or otherwise become unusable or your auto complete feature is turned off or is not setup correctly. The usual fix is to look in your browser settings to clear your auto complete history or consult your browser help documentation.

Here's how to turn off autocomplete in Internet Explorer

Some 3rd party software products, such as, the Polaris Catalog may restrict Auto complete in your browser for various security and privacy reasons. We have two work a rounds at this time if you desire this functionality for the catalog: 1) Use Firefox for your browser or 2) Use a free 3rd party software product called lastpass.com to securely manage your login entries (usernames and password) rather than rely on the browser.

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AOL Users

Some AOL users have reported errors when searching the catalog. AOL Recommends upgrading their software with the latest security upgrade. You can download All-In-One Desktop software here: http://daol.aol.com/software/. This usually fixes the problem.
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Clear browser cache (and IE browser reset)

Sometimes browsers can save an error in the users computer. Clearing the history and cache will clear the errors out. Here's the steps for many popular browsers.

If you're using Internet Explorer and clearing the cache doesn't work, please try a full browser reset. This brings the browser back to the default manufacturer settings. To perform the reset: Look in the menu bar at the top and click 'Tools' and then 'Internet Options' and then click the 'Advanced' tab, from there click the 'Reset' button at the bottom and then click 'Reset' on the next screen. Close your browser and restart.

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