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Battlegrounds : geography and the history of warfare book Battlegrounds : geography and the history of warfare

355.409 BATTLEG

Throughout military history, battles have often been determined by certain “geographic imperatives”—characteristics of the terrain that significantly affect the nature of the fighting. Confrontations, therefore, have essentially been decided by an army¼s ability to adapt to geographical features, giving rivers, mountains, and beaches lead roles in the political shaping of the world. From Alexander the Great’s attack across the Granicus in 334 B.C. to the U.S. siege of the mountains of Afghanistan in 2001, geography has been a permanent and crucial factor in battle. Battlegrounds provides an unprecedented and fascinating look at this most formidable of adversaries throughout the history of warfare.

Civil War battlefields : then & now book Civil War battlefields : then & now

Campi, James.
973.7 CAMPI

Although more than 140 years have passed since Confederate guns first fired on Fort Sumter, our fascination with the American Civil War has not faded. With the advent of photography, the Civil War was the first time images captured the devastation of war in all of its brutal truth. Now you can see the infamous battlefields of the Civil War as they were then -- and how they are today.

Tears in the darkness : the story of the Bataan Death March and its aftermath book Tears in the darkness : the story of the Bataan Death March and its aftermath

Norman, Michael, 1947 Oct. 2-
940.5472 NORMAN

For the first four months of 1942, U.S., Filipino, and Japanese soldiers fought what was America’s first major land battle of World War II, the battle for the tiny Philippine peninsula of Bataan. It ended with the surrender of 76,000 Filipinos and Americans, the single largest defeat in American military history. The defeat, though, was only the beginning, as Michael and Elizabeth M. Norman make dramatically clear in this powerfully original book. From then until the Japanese surrendered in August 1945, the prisoners of war suffered an ordeal of unparalleled cruelty and savagery: forty-one months of captivity, starvation rations, dehydration, hard labor, deadly disease, and torture—far from the machinations of General Douglas MacArthur. The Normans bring to the story remarkable feats of reportage and literary empathy. Their protagonist, Ben Steele, is a figure out of Hemingway: a young cowboy turned sketch artist from Montana who joined the army to see the world. Juxtaposed against Steele’s story and the sobering tale of the Death March and its aftermath is the story of a number of Japanese soldiers. The result is an altogether new and original World War II book: it exposes the myths of military heroism as shallow and inadequate; it makes clear, with great literary and human power, that war causes suffering for people on all sides.

The Pacific book The Pacific

Ambrose, Hugh.
940.5459 AMBROSE

n this companion book to the HBO series on the war in the Pacific, historian Hugh Ambrose focuses on five American soldiers who each took an active role in the difficult and costly--in terms of lives--campaign to reach the Japanese mainland. Ambrose recounts key battles--Guadalcanal, Midway, Okinawa, and the lesser-known Peleliu--and he provides a soldier's eye view of the events, conveying the great valor and sacrifices of those in uniform.

The wild blue : the men and boys who flew the B-24s over Germany book The wild blue : the men and boys who flew the B-24s over Germany

Ambrose, Stephen E.
940.5449 AMBROSE

Examines the lives of the pilots, bombardiers, navigators, and gunners chosen by the Air Force to embark on the most dangerous missions during World War II.

War book War

Junger, Sebastian.
958.1047 JUNGER

Junger, author of "The Perfect Storm," turns his brilliant and empathetic eye to the reality of combat in this on-the-ground account that follows a single platoon through a 15-month tour of duty in the most dangerous outpost in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley.

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