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Hell hath no curry book Hell hath no curry

Myers, Tamar.

Three days before he's due to tie the knot with Priscilla Livengood, eligible bachelor Cornelious Weaver suffers a massive heart attack-in another woman's bed. The scandal is about as good as television for the insular citizens of Hernia, Pennsylvania, and it gets even spicier when the coroner's report reveals possible foul play: Cornelious's curry was spiked with a stimulant. As the mystery heats up, Magdalena discovers that the old adage about women scorned may be truer than she thought.

Series: Pennsylvania-Dutch Mystery With Recipes

If cooks could kill book If cooks could kill

Pence, Joanne.

With another failed business behind her, dilettante chef Angie Amalfi is cooking up a new scheme: Pairing up her best friend Connie with a handsome professional football player who just happens to be related to the owner of her favorite Italian restaurant. Soon Connie takes more interest in a suspicious loner than Angie's "dream man" and her despondent friend decides to recreate herself as a restaurant consultant. But when police begin to suspect that Connie and her new love interest are connected with a brutal murder and robbery, Angie and her homicide detective fiance Paavo must try to track down the real killer.

Series: Angie Amalfi Mysteries

A killer in the rye book A killer in the rye

Rosen, Delia.

When the McCoy's Bakery delivery guy is found dead in front of her deli, Gwen "Nashville" Katz, the owner of Murray's Pastrami Swami, must prove her innocence while juggling two romances and making salami sandwiches.

Series: Deadly Deli Mysteries

Red beans and vice book Red beans and vice

Temple, Lou Jane.

While visiting New Orleans to help the Sisters of the Holy Trinity hold their annual benefit dinner, Chef Heaven Lee of Kansas City becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her old friend's husband.

Series: Heaven Lee Culinary Mysteries

Death du jour book Death du jour

Temple, Lou Jane.

Travel to Paris, 1790-where a well-executed meal may linger in the memory, but murder is forever. Fanny Delarue is a young cook for a wealthy family in the Place Royale. In her heart, she is keeping two fires burning-for food, and for her head chef, Henri. Together they feed the household, above stairs and below, and take lessons from Henri's mentor, Etienne de la Porte, chef to a neighboring household. At the same time, Fanny's trying to ignore the political heat that is building all around her. Chefs need to prove that food and cuisine can promote man's equality instead of reinforcing old class divisions, at the risk of losing their jobs...and perhaps their heads. Tempers flare and nerves are strained, until one day, Etienne is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Who would murder a cook? The Place Royale is in tumult, and Fanny must solve the crime before the flames converge on her hopes for her own future.

Murder takes the cake book Murder takes the cake

Trent, Gayle.

A routine cake delivery becomes a culinary nightmare when a small-town baker discovers her first client's dead body. It'll take more than a little sugar to convince folks Daphne Martin's freshly baked spice cake was not to blame for the mysterious death of town gossip Yodel Watson. Getting her new cake decorating business, Daphne's Delectable Cakes, off the ground is hard enough now that Daphne's moved back to her southern Virginia hometown, but orders have been even slower since she found Yodel's body.

Series: Daphne Martin cake mysteries

A parfait murder book A parfait murder

Watson, Wendy Lyn.

When her cousin Bree is accused of murdering her deadbeat ex-husband's attorney, ice-cream parlor proprietor Tallulah Jones works to prove Bree's innocence and find the real killer.

Series: Mystery a? la Mode

Pie a? la murder book Pie a? la murder

Wells, Melinda.

Della Carmichael's sweetie pie Nicholas drops a bomb-he has a teenage daughter, now living with him. When the daughter's friend is found murdered, the protective Nicholas is a suspect, and Della must find the real killer before they all get burned.

Series: Della Cooks Mysteries

Let them eat stake book Let them eat stake

Zettel, Sarah.

When she is hired to cater the high-profile wedding of a 200-year-old vampire and a wealthy witch, "Vampire Chef" Charlotte Caine finds her career, her restaurant's reputation and her personal life on the line when her competition is found dead and the groom's family starts vanishing.

Series: Vampire Chef

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