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The alchemy of murder book The alchemy of murder

McCleary, Carol.

Nellie Bly, Jules Verne, Oscar Wilde, and Louis Pasteur team up during the 1889 World's Fair in Paris to find a killer connected to a virulent plague infecting thousands of Parisians.

The Houdini specter book The Houdini specter

Stashower, Daniel.

Young magician Harry Houdini sees an opportunity to make a name for himself by exposing the tricks of the medium Lucius Craig--but first he must figure out how the medium managed to conjure a "spirit" that stabbed an audience member to death before disappearing.

The mask of red death : an Edgar Allan Poe mystery book The mask of red death : an Edgar Allan Poe mystery

Schechter, Harold.

Set in 1845 Manhattan, veteran true-crime author Schechter's third competent Edgar Allan Poe mystery (after 1999's Nevermore and 2001's The Hum Bug) again pairs the writer with a celebrity of the day, here legendary mountain man Kit Carson. A series of murders in which the killer scalps his prey leads an outraged populace to focus on a Native American, Chief Wolf Bear, serving as a sideshow attraction for P.T. Barnum, but Carson arrives on the scene in time to prevent a lynching and help amateur sleuth Poe and the police pick up the real trail. Poe ends up stumbling upon several corpses, including that of a mysterious albino who had sought his expertise in verifying the authenticity of a document represented to be of great historical and political significance. Schechter has improved his plotting and pacing skills since Nevermore, which teamed Poe with Davy Crockett, and he vividly depicts real-life mountain man John Johnson, a vicious Indian killer who liked to eat his victims' livers raw. Overall, though, the book's period detail, characterization and level of suspense aren't in the same class as comparable elements in Caleb Carr's The Alienist, which used a similar quest for a human monster to paint a more sophisticated picture of 19th-century New York. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

The ninth daughter book The ninth daughter / An Abigail Adams Mystery

Hambly, Barbara.

In the Massachusetts Colony, political upheaval turns murderous'a new series featuring First Lady Abigail Adams. 1773: The Massachusetts colony is torn between patriots who want independence from British rule and loyalists who support the King. At the center is the educated and beautiful Abigail Adams'wife of John Adams, the leader of the Sons of Liberty, a secret organization opposing the Crown. When a murder occurs in the home of their friend and fellow patriot, Rebecca Malvern, John is accused of the gruesome crime, which was seemingly perpetrated to obtain a secret Sons of Liberty document. With both her husband's good name and the fate of the Sons of Liberty at stake, Abby must uncover a conspiracy that could cost them all their freedom'and their lives.

The queen's gambit : a Leonardo da Vinci mystery book The queen's gambit : a Leonardo da Vinci mystery

Stuckart, Diane A. S.

Travel to the Milan of 1483 with this intriguing new series, starring the legendary Renaissance man himself-Leonardo da Vinci. On a royal whim, Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan, orders a living chess game to be enacted by members of his own court. Court Engineer Leonardo da Vinci conjures the spectacle in a single night, but his latest success turns bitter when one of the "pieces"-the Duke's ambassador to France-is murdered. Given the brutal climate of court politics, even the Duke's closest advisors are suspect. As an outsider, Leonardo is the only man Sforza can trust to conduct the investigation. With his scrupulous eye for detail, and young apprentice Dino gathering information unnoticed, Leonardo uncovers a vile nest of secrets-while danger, like an ill humor, rises to the surface. But the most surprising secret of all may be the true identity of his most talented, most trusted apprentice.

The tainted snuff box book The tainted snuff box

Stevens, Rosemary.

In Rosemary Stevens's second Beau Brummell mystery (after her highly acclaimed Death on a Silver Tray), the Regency period's grand arbiter of style and taste must prove his friend innocent of attempting to murder the Prince of Wales-and uncover the real assassin before he strikes again.

The tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood book The tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood

Albert, Susan Wittig.

Beatrix Potter loves the warmth of Sawrey, her new hometown. But even the kindest of souls can turn snappish when houseguests overstay their welcome. When Beatrix returns from time away, she finds the attic overrun with rats. Rosabelle, resident rat and generous hostess, has offered her family a place to stay. But when word gets out, she soon has dozens of rat families on her tiny hands. To get rid of them, Beatrix invites some cats over-deeply offending Felicia Frummety, resident cat. Then a mysterious outsider plans to ruin the pristine shoreline of Lake Windermere by building a sprawl of villas. And trouble has beset three village children, favorites of Beatrix, who are counting on the help of the fairies of Cuckoo Brow Wood. Now, with her signature tact, Beatrix must work with her friends-human and animal-to set things right.

The villa of death : a mystery featuring Daphne du Maurier book The villa of death : a mystery featuring Daphne du Maurier

Challis, Joanna.

"Young Daphne du Maurier must defend of a friend who has been accused of murder in this next installment in the beguiling mystery series that readers of Rebecca will love. t's the summer of 1927, and young Daphne du Maurier has traveled to Thornleigh Manor to attend the wedding of her good friend, Ellen, who is set to marry her beau, Teddy. Having met in the midst of the chaos and calamity of wartime, the lovers were brutally separated years before by family objections, but have since reunited. But when Teddy is found murdered just after the wedding, and Ellen is accused of the crime, Daphne and the dashing Major Browning must uncover the truth before all is lost. "--

Two for sorrow book Two for sorrow

Upson, Nicola.

They were the most horrific crimes of a new century: the murders of newborn innocents for which two British women were hanged at Holloway Prison in1903. Decades later, mystery writer Josephine Tey has decided to write a novel based on Amelia Sach and Annie Walters, the notorious “Finchley baby farmers,” unaware that her research will entangle her in the desperate hunt for a modern-day killer. A young seamstress-an ex-convict determined to reform-has been found brutally slain in the studio of Tey's friends, the Motley sisters, amid preparations for a star-studded charity gala. Despite initial appearances, Inspector Archie Penrose is not convinced this murder is the result of a long-standing domestic feud-and a horrific accident involving a second young woman soon after supports his convictions. Now he and his friend Josephine must unmask a sadistic killer before more blood flows-as the repercussions of unthinkable crimes of the past reach out to destroy those left behind long after justice has been served.

Witch hammer book Witch hammer

Trow, M. J.

Christopher Marlowe investigates a possible act of witchcraft in the third of this intriguing historical mystery series. - July, 1585. Desperate to pursue his chosen career as a professional playwright, the young Christopher Marlowe abandons his Cambridge studies to join Lord Strange's men, a group of travelling players. En route to perform at Oxford, the players are rehearsing amongst the famous Rollright Stones on the Warwickshire border when they are rudely interrupted by the discovery of the corpse of actor-manager Ned Sledd. Is it an act of witchcraft, a human sacrifice to mark the festival of Lammastide? Or is there a more personal reason? Kit Marlowe determines to find out.

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