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Pantheon High.   Vol. 1,   [Demigods and debutantes] Teen Book Pantheon High. Vol. 1, [Demigods and debutantes]

Benjamin, Paul.

In a world where monotheism never took hold, a group of demigod high school students become the champions of the gods. They alone can stop the plans of the evil gods who, after seeing their schemes defeated time and time again, have banded together to plunge the world into darkness.

Psyche in a dress Teen Book Psyche in a dress

Block, Francesca Lia.

A young woman, Psyche, searches for her lost love and questions her true self in a modern retelling of Greek myths.

Oh. My. Gods. Teen Book Oh. My. Gods.

Childs, Tera Lynn.

When her mother suddenly decides to marry a near-stranger, Phoebe, whose passion is running, soon finds herself living on a remote Greek island, completing her senior year at an ancient high school where the students and teachers are all descended from gods or goddesses.

Goddess of yesterday Teen Book Goddess of yesterday

Cooney, Caroline B.

A young girl, the sole survivor of a pirate raid of an island kingdom in ancient Greece, reinvents herself as the island's princess. When rescued, Anaxandra soon finds herself in the midst of events that plunge Sparta and Troy into war.

Iris, messenger Juvenile Book Iris, messenger

Deming, Sarah.

After discovering that the immortals of Greek mythology reside in her hometown of Middleville, Pennsylvania, twelve-year-old Iris listens to their life stories, gaining wisdom, beauty, and startling revelations about her past.

Walking with the dead Juvenile Book Walking with the dead

Falcone, L. M. (Lucy M.), 1951-

Alex's father brings home an ancient Greek corpse as an exhibit for Oddities, the weird museum in their basement. After Alex peeks in the coffin, he starts having crazy dreams, gets struck by lightning and falls through a door into the night sky. Then things take a turn for the seriously weird when, after more than 2000 years, the corpse wakes up! This lively cadaver needs help, so big-hearted Alex and his sidekick, Freddie, find themselves on a mission to the world of the dead. They dodge monsters, three-headed dogs, gorgons with snakes for hair -- and much worse -- all in an attempt to help a lost soul in serious trouble. How in Hades will the boys ever get home again?

Nobody's princess Teen Book Nobody's princess

Friesner, Esther M.

Determined to fend for herself in a world where only men have real freedom, headstrong Helen, who will be called queen of Sparta and Helen of Troy one day, learns to fight, hunt, and ride horses while disguised as a boy, and goes on an adventure throughout the Mediterranean world.

Nobody's prize Teen Book Nobody's prize

Friesner, Esther M.

Still longing for adventure, Princess Helen of Sparta maintains her disguise as a boy to join her unsuspecting brothers as part of the crew of the Argo, the ship commanded by Prince Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece.

American gods :   a novel book American gods : a novel

Gaiman, Neil.

Just released from prison, Shadow encounters Mr. Wednesday, an enigmatic stranger who seems to know a lot about him, and when Mr. Wednesday offers him a job as his bodyguard, Shadow accepts and is plunged into a dark and perilous world.

Ithaka Teen Book Ithaka

Geras, Adèle.

The island of Ithaka is overrun with uncouth suitors demanding that Penelope choose a new husband, as she patiently awaits the return of Odysseus from the Trojan War.

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