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Cosmopolitan en español Cosmopolitan en español
Cosmopolitan en Espanol, published as part of a joint venture with The Hearst Corporation, is tailored for young women who successfully balance their professional and personal lives. Strong emphasis is placed on beauty, fashion and looking sensational. There are positive articles on personal relationships and career orientation, as well as regular sections on home entertaining, cooking, decoration and people.

Ju bu saeng hwal Ju bu saeng hwal
Magazine containing information about homemaking, family and marriage, and fashion. Includes recipes and some short stories.

Kai fang = Open magazine Kai fang = Open magazine

Kurowassan = Croissant.
A Japanese magazine for middle-aged women, published by Magazine House. Many issues of the magazine concentrate on particular topics, but the magazine as a whole tends to dwell on interiors, cooking, health, and looking young.

Majesty : the quality Royal magazine
Majesty gives its readers a colourful insight into the privileged lives of the royal families of the world. Personalities, lifestyles and fashion are all captured in exciting features and stunning photographs.


Ming pao monthly

Ogonek Ogonek
The oldest publication in Russia centering around entertaining reading. Soviet Union's popularity of the magazine is largely due to the good quality reproduction of world painting masterpieces which where the exclusive rights are. Still today the popularity remains in high expectance.

People en espanol People en espanol
La nueva revista para Latinos.

Phu nu dien dan Phu nu dien dan
Publishes news on Vietnamese communities all over the U.S. Also, includes information on cast-aways, research of lost peole, encouragement of Vietnamese-American citizen's volunteer works, and various other topics.

Royalty monthly
"For more than two decades, Royalty has chronicled the lives and times of the world's Royals, focusing on the British Royal Family and especially the Princess of Wales during the decade of the Eighties when she captured hearts worldwide. The magazine creates a colourful record of Royal history as it's being made, a joy for current generations to treasure and a collection that can be passed on to future generations to cherish."--Publisher website.

Siempre mujer Siempre mujer
The leading magazine for the Hispanic woman living in the U.S. Who keeps her traditions alive while embracing new American values. Siempre Mujer is the magazine in Spanish published 6 times a year, her roadmap for better living!

Tien phong

TV y novelas TV y novelas
The excitement, romance and glitter of the entertainment world are captured in TV y Novelas. The insider source on show business and its stars, TV y Novelas goes behind the scenes to get the scoop and juicy tidbits on the private lives of the stars of Latin TV soap operas and recording artists.

Vanidades Vanidades
The #1 Spanish-language women's magazine, Vanidades serves the particular interests of the contemporary Hispanic woman. Vanidades specializes in beauty, fashion and decoration. The most prominent fashion designers, make-up artists and models are featured throughout its pages. Vanidades is an all-encompassing magazine with regular sections on food and cooking, travel and tourism, movies and TV, medicine, health, nutrition and children. In-depth articles and photographs of international and local personalities are the staple of the publication. Vanidades has correspondents all around the globe, including the fashion centers of Paris, Milan and New York. Editorial Televisa's flagship publication, Vanidades is the first Spanish-language women's magazine in the U.S. Hispanic Market, with 40 years of continuous publication.

Zdorov'e Zdorov'e
A Russian-language publication covering health, beauty and harmony, balanced diet and special diets, healthy children, treatment of chronic and seasonal ailments, and advances in medicine.

You're viewing 1- 16 of 16.

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