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Building Closure Practices

Scheduled Closures of Sno-Isle Libraries

Scheduled library closure dates are available at on our Holiday and other Scheduled Building Closures page. All library buildings and departments are closed on these scheduled days for:

  • National holidays and government observances
  • Business reasons

Scheduled library closures are consistent with federal, state and local government agencies in closing for national holidays. In addition, when a holiday falls on a Saturday, the library will close on that day. If the holiday falls on Sunday, Sno-Isle Libraries will be closed on both Sunday and Monday.

Full-day or early closures for business reasons might occur for staff training needs, because of historic or forecast low customer activity, planned renovation, or for other scheduled activities.

Scheduled Closures Due to Low Customer Demand

It is Sno-Isle Libraries' business practice to fully close or close early on three days during the year: Easter Sunday (full-day), Christmas Eve (early closure) and New Year's Eve (early closure).

Unscheduled Closures of Sno-Isle Libraries

Unscheduled closures may occur from time-to-time for the following reasons:

  • Emerging business needs
  • Emergencies or official requests from government officials.

Full-day or early closures for unanticipated business reasons might occur due to unexpected staff training needs, impromptu repairs or other emerging issues. Emergencies closures might include weather-related events, fire, police or other safety/security issues.

Other Celebrations and Observances

In addition to national holidays, many religious, cultural and cause-based observations occur during the year. Although these popular observances are not national holidays, they hold special significance to various groups of people who observe and celebrate them.

Sno-Isle Libraries is committed to providing information on a variety of ethnic, cultural, religious and cause-based celebrations to our communities through the library materials in our collection. If you are interested, please browse through the Sno-Isle Libraries Catalog .

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