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Books, DVDs, CDs - physical materials All physical materials can be checked out for 3 weeks, this includes all DVD's until January 2, 2015. Starting January 2 entertainment movies will check out for 7 days. Television series, educational and children's DVD's will remain as a 21 day check out. For information about why this change was made see this page on our website.

There may be a shorter period for Interlibrary Loan materials depending on restrictions from lending library.
Overdrive Electronic Media You set your lending period in your Overdrive account. Log into your account and choose settings. You can then decide if you want your eBook and eAudioBooks to check out for 7, 14 or 21 days. For Overdrive eMusic and eVideo, the choices are 3, 5, 7, and 14 days. The default is 14 days.
3M Electronic Media 21 days is the checkout period, but you can return your titles early in your library account, items out list. See the Returning Items (Catalog Help) for more information.
Freegal Electronic Media Whatever you have downloaded from Freegal is yours to keep and does not need to be returned.
It had been startling and disappointing to me to find out that story books had been written by people,
that books were not natural wonders, coming up of themselves like grass.
- Eudora Welty

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