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Printing from Wireless

NOTE: Not all devices support wireless document printing. This includes Apple iOS devices. All devices support Website printing.

Log In Now *Note: This takes you to the "Reserve a PC" page. Click on the green computer button to log in and access remote printing.

After you log into your account you will see this screen. Select "Remote Printing" from the top.

Select Remote Printing

File Printing

Now you are at the main Remote Printing screen. From here you can select to either print a document that is saved on your computer or a website.

To print a document first make sure that "Upload print document" is selected. Then choose what type of document you wish to print from the drop down list.

You can only print file types that are listed here. Once you select the file type click "Browse" to find the file, then click "Submit" to upload it. Then click "View/Release My Print Jobs".

Web Printing

To print a website select "Print a web page" and copy the URL into the "Web Site Address" box. Then click "Submit." Then click "View/Release My Print Jobs".

Web Printing

Release Job to Printer

After you have submitted your print jobs you must release them to the printer. Select "My Print Jobs" from the top of the screen. At this window select the branch that you are located at. You will then see a list of your submitted print jobs. Select the ones you wish to print then select "print" and they will come out of the printer. You can also do this step from any cash acceptor PC.

Release Print Jobs

For the more information please visit our FAQ page Can I print using my own laptop or device with Wi-Fi in the library?

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