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Grab your cape and mask and get exploring! What does a superchicken sound like? Find out! You may need it to combat your archenemy. Share your completed activities with a sidekick or take them to your summer hero headquarters—your local library!

  • Be a superscientist! With the help of a grown-up, try a science experiment from the American Chemical Society.
  • Gather together "junk". Make a sculpture with your found art pieces.
  • Create your own superchicken sound with household items. Follow the instructions here.
  • Save some toilet paper rolls and create your own super hero cuffs from them.
  • Make your own superhero thaumatrope. Follow the instructions here, and download the blank template to create your own design:
  • Collect flowers or leaves and press them between the pages of a heavy catalog.
  • Put your superspy skills to the test and check out the FBI kid's website.
  • Create your own laser field in the backyard or in your house. Take crepe paper streamers or string and criss-cross it at varying heights and lengths in a room or part of your yard. Test your superhero skills and see if you can make it through the streamer/string "lasers" without touching any.
  • Every superhero needs a theme song. Write your own! Need help? Check out a song writing book from the library.
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