Learning Powers: Activate!

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Put your superhero skills to the test! How many of these activities can you conquer? Share your completed activities with a sidekick or take them to your summer hero headquarters—your local library!

  • With the help of a grown-up, send a thank you letter to a military service member. Find a service member and instructions here.
  • Every superhero needs a sidekick! Print this page to create a profile of your sidekick.
  • Read a book on StarWalk using your computer, tablet, reader or smartphone.
  • Play a game on Tumblebooks.
  • Read a book from one of the book lists on the Sno-Isle Explore Summer page.
  • Who is a hero in your family? Pretend you are a news reporter and interview your family member.
  • Be a hero to animals! With the help of a grown-up, contact an animal shelter in your neighborhood. What items do they need donated? See if you can donate one item.
  • Be like a hero in the American Revolution! Can you decode this message?
  • Make your own dog hero, print this page and follow the steps.
  • Become a rock hound, collect shells or rocks and check out a book from the library to help you identify them.
  • With the help of a grown-up, try a new recipe that's both healthy and delicious. Check out some cookbooks from the library or find a recipe here.
  • Write and draw your own comic book! Check out some drawing books at the library for help.
  • Plant a few flower or vegetable seeds in a container, place it near a window, and watch the seeds grow. Or plant a garden in your back yard. Need help? Find a gardening book at the library.
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