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Name:Edmonds Art Festival
Artist / Description:Lois Thayer
History / Background:Watercolor painting donated by artist, owned by City of Edmonds.
Medium:Watercolor painting
Installation Date:1975
Funding Source:Gift from artist.

Name:Inaugural poster: Center for the Book, Library of Congress
Artist / Description:Lance Hidy
History / Background:Owned by City of Edmonds
Installation Date:1984
Funding Source:Gift of Mary Miner

Name:Oh the Places You Will Go
Artist / Description:Photographer Tiffany Meyer
History / Background:Winner of the Everybody Reads Photo Contest sponsored by the Edmonds Arts Commission 2008.
Installation Date:2008
Funding Source:First Place purchase award

Name:Puppet theater for children to use for creative play
Artist / Description:Designed and built by Tom Williams, painted by Cheri O'Brien.
History / Background:Brass plaque states: This gift to the Edmonds Library is dedicated to Bernie and Joan Hoover with love from their family.
Medium:Painted wood with folk art decoration
Installation Date:December 27, 2006
Funding Source:Family of Bernie and Joan Hoover.

Artist / Description:by Molnar
History / Background:Owned by City of Edmonds.
Medium:Oil painting
Installation Date:
Funding Source:Gift in Memory of Walter and Eugenia Bashaw.

Name:Water Lilies
Artist / Description:Artist unknown.
History / Background:Owned by City of Edmonds.
Installation Date:
Funding Source:Donated by Warren Sherwood in memory of Margaret Sherwood.

Name:“Woman of the Forest,” “The Sun,” and “Mountain Hawk”
Artist / Description:Artist Alfred Widmer was born in Austria and moved to Washington in 1958 where he taught art at Edmonds Community College in the late 1970s. He had a strong interest in Northwest Coast Native American Art and studied traditional techniques.
History / Background:Displayed on wall above main entrance to the library. The three spirit masks are made of carved cedar, with cedar bark and hammered copper and paint details.
Medium:Carved wooden masks
Installation Date:1991
Funding Source:The purchase was made with Mayor/City Council funds in 1991 as a Centennial purchase and the artist was selected for the commission at the 1990 Edmonds Arts Festival where he exhibited a carved cedar box.

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