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Our only May Amelia

Jennifer L. Holm


3 stars.

Describe the book: "Our Only Mae Amelia" is about a young girl living on the Nasel river. The girls name is Mae Amelia, she is the only girl for miles and her family call her their only Mae Amelia because there is no other girls. she is irreplaceable. Mae Amelia lives with her family consisting of seven older brothers, and is tierd of being the only girl.

What did you think: I liked the book. My favorite parts were probably when Mae Ameila and one of her brothers Wilbert left home and stayed in Astoria with their aunt and uncle. The siblings have wonderful adventures in Austoria and love the city life. The book had a very adventurous feel. I would definitely recommend this book.

Who would you recommend it to: This book would be best for middle school kids.

- L.S. (Grade 9) from Mill Creek Library

Lord of the flies

William Golding


2 stars.

Describe the book: A plane crashes on a deserted island carrying a lot of boys. All adults die in the crash leaving these boys to work together and fend for themselves. In a struggle to maintain a society things go wrong and relationships are either built up or crumble under the pressure of this now savage life.

What did you think: I thought it was a pretty good story but dark at the same time. One of my favorite parts was when the little boys all voted for Ralph as leader twice! The second time splitting up the group which made it more dramatic I thought

Who would you recommend it to: People who love deep meanings in stories

- S.H. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

lord of the flies

William Golding


3 stars.

Describe the book: During a time of war, a plane full of school boys crash into a stranded island. Leaving the boys to fend for themselves. They were excited by the taste of freedom & independence. However, the boys become reckless savages leading to conflicts among the group. The group splits, either siding with the original leader, Ralph or choose Jack instead.

What did you think: I really like the symbolism in the book because I always wondered why the tittle was "lord of the flies." It's actually because one of the boys realizes that the "monster" everyone was afraid of wasn't real. Instead, he figures out that there is a beast inside every boy. The boys become reckless savages hence proving Simon's epiphany.

Who would you recommend it to: People who are interested in survival books

- T.F. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Fight Club 2

Chuck Palahniuk


2 stars.

Describe the book: Fight Club 2 spins off a few years after Sebastian encounters Tyler Durden. After eliminating him for what Sebastian thinks will be forever, Marla, his now wife, hides his medication that keeps Tyler away. She and their son prefer Tyler over Sebastian. Sebastin then goes into psychotic episodes that make him yet again turn into Tyler Durden. This c

What did you think: I would say what made the book not as good as it could be was the ending. They involved the AUTHOR in the book and caused this weird 4th wall break that did not make any sense with the story and distracts you from the overall issue and solution of what was going to happen in the end.

Who would you recommend it to: I wouldn't recommend it

- B.O. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Flowers for Algernon

Daniel Keyes


4 stars.

Describe the book: Flowers for Algernon is a book about a mentally ill 32 year old man who suffers from a extremely low IQ. Scientists decide to use him in an experiment to make him smarter which they did already on a little mouse named Algernon. Charlie has to face big challenges as the experiment takes effect and once Algernon dies, Charlie has to be careful.

What did you think: I loved the book, the author wrote the book exactly the way the character charlie would speak making it an immersive experience.

Who would you recommend it to: teens who love moving and emotional books.

- A.C. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library


Alex Flynn


3 stars.

Describe the book: Kyle, prince charm of his HS is a selfish and cruel guy who plays a joke on a witch Kendra only for her to punish him with a curse (beast)for his cruelty giving him two years to find true love. After 1 year Lindas father was caught on Kyles private property and trades her for his freedom. Linda and Kyle take tutor lessons together and fall in love

What did you think: I thaught it was really interesting to know the beast point of view. How he acted so angry and was so unhappy. I specially liked the longer story of why he was cursed other than the 2 minute short story you would usually see. Even if its different it still gives a good idea of why and how he felt during the curse.

Who would you recommend it to: Romance/fantasy lovers because its modern but love

- M.M. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library


Ellen Hopkins


4 stars.

Describe the book: Kristina goes to visit her father in Albuquerque New Mexico.Kristina goes from “Straight A’s” to “Snorting Crank with [her] dad, [her] boyfriend, and his other girlfriend”.When she goes to the bowling alley with Adam she ends up saying she “didn’t care about other people's obsessions. [She] was obsessed.”Long story short she ends up pregnant.

What did you think: My overall opinion of this book was that it was really good and extremely detailed. I loved the way she wrote the book.

Who would you recommend it to: I would recommend this book to older teens.

- J.M. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Interview with the vampire

Anne Rice


4 stars.

Describe the book: A boy interviews a vampire who tells the boy his entire life story. Starting out with in new orleans as a human and ending in france as a vampire, this is the remarkable story of a vampires life.

What did you think: I LOVED this book! Full of guts and gore it does not spare any details. Very imaginative and a thrilling read. I just want to read it again and again and again.

Who would you recommend it to: Horror novel lovers, and thrill seekers

- w.R. (Grade 8) from Stanwood Library

The association of small bombs

Karan Mahajan


3 stars.

Describe the book: When two boys are killed in a minor bombing, the lives of those close to them are thrown into chaos. Set in Delhi, India, the association of small bombs is a true modern tragedy that skillfully illustrates the repercussions of a seemingly-minimal action.

What did you think: With its vivid imagery and intense realism, this novel knows how to connect with one's emotions -it plays with them all, even the ones taboo to Western culture. Those connected to the blast and its consequences represent different parts of men: the part that surrenders; the part that accepts; the part that fights; etc. This is a novel of wisdom.

Who would you recommend it to: Grades 9+ who seek a gripping, humanitarian story.

- D.S. (Grade 10) from Marysville Library

Lord of The Flies

William Golding


4 stars.

Describe the book: After a plane crash, a group of schoolboys that are from Britain are stranded on an island. The boys soon realize that they need each other for survival and develop group roles for their success. But, over time, they develop savage habits that lead them to want to hunt and kill each other so that they personally could prevail.

What did you think: I felt that this book was really exciting and thrilling because you never knew what would happen next. Some of my favorite parts were when the boy thought that the parachute was a monster in the woods and when Piggy got killed because it was an unexpected event.

Who would you recommend it to: Lovers of survival situations and stories

- A.M. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll


3 stars.

Describe the book: this book is about a young girl who finds a rabbit hole, she falls down it and she finds the world of wonderland. she needs to get back home she keeps getting into trouble.

What did you think: I think this book was a good book. the author wrote an amazing story and they put a new perspective on the world. like a kid, like Alice would

Who would you recommend it to: i would recommend this book to middle school kids.

- s.s. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

The Cellar

Natasha Preston


4 stars.

Describe the book: Clover, known as a single man living alone in his relatively normal two story house but written in these pieces of paper is a story about four girls living in the cellar of his house. You will find out his motives but be careful when the voice of his diseased mother starts talking to him. Telling him what to do...

What did you think: This is a 10/10 book. My favorite part is when Summer (Lily) has gotten used to the cellar and just watching them live in there throughout the book

Who would you recommend it to: horror, mystery, and thriller lovers

- K.O. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library


Kathryn Erskine


4 stars.

Describe the book: The book was about a girl with Asperger syndrome who is going through the death of her older brother. She struggles to find the answer of empathy to help her friend Michael and her father to get over the loss by finishing her brothers eagle project.

What did you think: It changes my perspective on how I look at people because her thought process is completely different than any else. My favorite part is how she tries to help Michael from being "attacked" but realizes that he was actually trying to help him get down from the monkey bars making a terrible hilarious mistake.

Who would you recommend it to: people who read how to kill a mocking bird

- M.L. (Grade 11) from Snohomish Library

Lost Wolf

Stacy Claflin

4 stars.

Describe the book: Victoria, a werewolf that has no idea as to what/who she is, and no clue of her past life. Until Toby, her past secret boyfriend shows up as her college professor happens to have all the answers...

What did you think: I loved this book! I thought it was very well written, had great character development and story line. One of my favorite parts was when Gessilyn (the witch) came through the rune (a spell placed on a mirror) in the bathroom while her crush was currently occupying it. Which lead to a very awkward/hilarious moment between the two.

Who would you recommend it to: anyone who loves supernatural modern day romances

- M.B. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

J.K. Rowling


4 stars.

Describe the book: The Dark Lord returned. Harry Potter has seen him , but nobody believes him. The Order of the Phoenix was reinstated(an organization against Voldemort). Professor Umbridge, DADA teacher, comes to school but doesn't teach the kids how to defend themselves so he starts an organization to teach his friends defense techniques for when Voldemort returns

What did you think: This book makes me mad, but thats because I'm so invested in the characters. Harry is treated unfairly in this book. His friend's and everyone at the ministry doesn't believe him that the Dark Lord has returned. A few of my favorite parts are when Harry creates Dumbledore's Army and when the twins set fireworks on during the OWL exams.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone who likes magic, any age, fantasy lovers

- R.P. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

American sniper

Chris Kyle, Jim DeFelice, and Scott McEwen


4 stars.

Describe the book: It was about the most lethal sniper in the NAVY SEALS, Chris Kyle. We learn what he did growing up and hes mental thinking during SEAL training and what he did during his four tours in Iraq. We also go through his love life with his wife and how they went through raising a child while he was over seas.

What did you think: I couldn't put this book down. I enjoyed reading this book and afterwards watched the movie and to see what I was reading was awesome. One of my favorite parts was when he shot a bad guy from over a mile away.

Who would you recommend it to: Anyone who is into war stories/documentary

- C.R. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Empire of Storms

Sarah J Maas


4 stars.

Describe the book: Celaena now officially has to start her life back as Aelin. War has begun with new and old foes. Aelin had successfully attained the first key and placed Dorian on the throne, but it only gets worse from here. New and old characters join together with Aelin on her quest, and the fight for survival and power will leave the world broken.

What did you think: This fifth installment of the Throne of Glass series is as epic and gut wrenching as ever. With a surprise at every corner, Celaena's story will have you both crying and laughing. My favorite part of the book was Aelin and Rowan in Sculls Bay.

Who would you recommend it to: Game of Thrones, Fantasy, and Romance lovers.

- L.S. (Grade 12) from Mill Creek Library

A Lasting Impression

Tamera Alexander


4 stars.

Describe the book: Claire Laurent is a talented artist but her father makes her paint copies of famous paintings so he can sell them. When a buyer finds out a painting is a fake Claire flees. She finds herself in Nashville where she meets Mr. Monroe, who works for Mrs. Acklen. Mrs. Acklen owns the Belmont Mansion and is in need of a liaison and Claire takes the job.

What did you think: This was a wonderful book and there were so many parts I enjoyed. There was the part where Claire had to plan a birthday party for Mrs. Adelicia Acklen's son. Her idea for a scavenger hunt and the handmade party gifts greatly impress Mrs. Acklen. I also enjoyed all of the spur of the moment horse races between Claire and the other characters.

Who would you recommend it to: Those who love history and the Civil War

- I.M. (Grade 9) from Edmonds Library

Beyonders a world without heroes

Brandon Mull


4 stars.

Describe the book: The book is about a boy named Jason who goes on a journey to another world. while trying to adaped to his new envirment he must save his new home from a tyrannical wizard.

What did you think: The book in general is funny, clever, thrilling, and child appropriate. I can't tell you my favorite parts of the book because it would ruin the rest of the book but I loved it. This is my favorite book and book series. Brandon Mull is my favorite author and his work on this book is astronomical with all of the characters that he created.

Who would you recommend it to: Fantasy enthusiast, 8+, like The lord of the rings

- L.K. (Grade 10) from Arlington Library

The Martian

Andy Weir


4 stars.

Describe the book: A astronaut that is left behind on Mars who has to science the _____ to get back to Earth. The astronauts name is Mark Wantey he is the funniest botany loving jury-rigging person on Mars.

What did you think: The book is funny and smart the author did all of the calculations for the orbits for the book all the science is there you just have to look for it. One of my favorite parts in the book is when Mark explains that he is a botanist and the Rich Parnell maneuver.

Who would you recommend it to: Sci-fi, 13+, comedy, and man vs environment story

- L.K. (Grade 10) from Arlington Library

Jake and Lily

Jerry Spinelli


3 stars.

Describe the book: Lily always thought that she and her twin, Jake would always be together, plays with the same friends and more. Turns out that wasn't true. Lily's enemy Bump lures Jake in to his evil group which changes Jake. He teases people (called goobers). This book is told in totally different views. Lily's and Jake's.

What did you think: I loved the part when Bump and his "group" found a super-goober. I felt really excited, and wanted to know what happened next.

Who would you recommend it to: People who likes smiles. This book made me smile.

- E.L. (Grade 6) from Lynnwood Library

A Court of Mist and Fury

Sarah J. Mass


4 stars.

Describe the book: Feyre Archeron has survived love, death and the destruction of everything she loves only to wake up once more in a new body, with a new life. Which comes with new realizations, when a lover becomes maniac, and an enemy has an untold story, and what she thought was the end of 50 years of horrors, was just the beginning... Beware, the Queen of Night.

What did you think: OMYGOSH. Ive read many books, but NEVER have i seen an author so skillfully weave and twist up a plot line like Sarah. Feyre is so powerful, rare, but still human. It was so amazing seeing her go through her depression like blackness and heal and learn to love again and WHO KNEW?! With #that person# and Tamlin... Mass straight up looney tuned me.X3

Who would you recommend it to: Mature audiences only. Fantasy ppl. Plot-lovers.

- M.M. (Grade 11) from Arlington Library

Selp Helf

Colleen Ballinger

818.602 SINGS

4 stars.

Describe the book: In her book "Selp Helf" Colleen gives people wacky advice about real life situations that they, someday, might be faced with.

What did you think: I thought "selp Helf" was a very comedic piece and I hope Colleen writes more books in the future. Sometimes it's nice to take a brake from real life and escape into the fabulous world that is someone else's mind

Who would you recommend it to: I would recommend it to any high school girl.

- T.M. (Grade 10) from Lake Stevens Library

Kissed by An Angel

Elizabeth Chandler


4 stars.

Describe the book: Ivy Lyons and Tristan Carruthers are madly in love--until the day that Tristan dies in a tragic car wreck. Tristan returns to Earth as an angel to watch over Ivy and when he tries to reach out to her, she is unable to feel his presence. Tristan must find a way to reach out to Ivy and warn her who is responsible for his death before it's too late.

What did you think: This book is the first of the terrific "Kissed by An Angel" series. It is well written and very well executed, thumbs up to Elizabeth Chandler.

Who would you recommend it to: Any teen girl in the world.

- T.M. (Grade 10) from Lake Stevens Library


Tyler Oakley

818.602 OAKLEY

4 stars.

Describe the book: In his book "Binge" Tyler oakley talks about his rocky voyage through life up until now. He takes his readers on a journey that explores hundreds of his best, and his worst, memories.

What did you think: It was honestly one of the best books I have ever read. I love reading books written by people close to my age because I feel like I can relate so well to them. Just for a couple hours I can feel like I am not alone in the world.

Who would you recommend it to: I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone

- T.M. (Grade 10) from Lake Stevens Library

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