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Have you ever wondered who chooses the books for the "What We're Reading" banner? WE aren't a faceless bot that randomly selects books from the library catalog, WE are the Readers Advisory Team - a group of Sno-Isle employees that are passionate about books and reading - just like you! We're selected to serve a three year term on the team, and come from all over the Sno-Isle Libraries system. The team meets several times a year to do things like pick titles to be added as Book Discussion Kits, and discuss ways to get the right books into the hands of YOU, the reader.

Team members take turns posting books to the "What We're Reading" banner each week. Some of us identify ourselves, some don't. What you can count on is an interesting new selection of books each week. They won't be the latest bestsellers, because frankly, those books don't need any help finding their way to your hands. They will be hand-selected titles that each team member believes deserve a moment in the spotlight - fiction, non-fiction, old and new. And we'll let you in on a little secret - we love to see which books hit the spot with Sno-Isle readers.


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