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Meeting 2005-04-25


President Steffener called the meeting to order at 1:01 P.M. at the Marysville Service Center.


Board Members Present: Dani Fowler, Bob Freeman, Art Kirschenbaum, Joel Selling, Jeanne Steffener, Alanna Stone

Board Members Absent: Jacquelyn DeFazio

Staff Present: Judy Carter, Arch Fonken, Mary Kelly, Pat Olafson, Cheryl Telford, Jonalyn Woolf-Ivory

Staff Absent: Nancy Patton


Greg Shaffer, Snohomish County Planning Commission


Ms. Stone moved to accept the agenda as presented. Mr. Kirschenbaum seconded the motion. The Board unanimously approved the agenda.


Mr. Freeman moved to approve the Consent Agenda. Mr. Selling seconded the motion, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.


There was no public comment at the meeting.


Ms. Woolf-Ivory brought to the Board’s attention an email received from a customer regarding the Library District’s policy on the Patriot Act.


Greg Shaffer chair of the Snohomish County Planning Commission gave a presentation to the Board regarding the commission’s activities in Snohomish County and the commission’s update of the 10 year comprehensive plan.

Mr. Freeman informed the Board of his recent appointment to Snohomish County Tomorrow (SCT) a community advisory board in Snohomish County.


Executive Director

Ms. Woolf-Ivory updated the Board regarding a new service effective April 11, 2005, providing customers the ability to download digital audio services from the Library District’s website to their own personal electronic devices.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory reported to the Board on her attendance at the Washington Library Association conference.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory informed the Board that she was moving forward with filling the Assistant Director position vacated by Ms. Scott-Miller.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory will provide an update to her work plan next month.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory informed the Board that Senator Maria Cantwell will be a featured speaker at All Staff Day on October 14, 2005.


Collection Development Policy

Prior to discussion of the policy, Ms. Stone representing the System Services Committee made some general remarks on the committee process:

“The recent Collections policy review process pointed up the importance of working through and with the individual committees before documents appear on the agenda as action items.

Comments regarding points of convention (grammar, wording, order, etc.) should be addressed to committee members prior to the Board meeting. This will result in a more productive use of the time available for Board meetings.

This committee asks that in the future when a committee is tasked with reviewing a document that all trustees provide feedback regarding non-substantive matters to the committee members by telephone or email when it is received in the monthly packet and well before the public meeting with the action item agenda. The committee members will then communicate with each other and with staff as appropriate to work toward a final document.

This approach is consistent with the discussions at our retreat, the public library trustees’ manual, and our own standards of behavior.”

Ms. Fowler asked that Ms. Stone’s comments be placed in the meeting minutes.

Mr. Freeman, chair of the System Services Committee, moved and seconded by committee action that the Sno-Isle Libraries Board of Trustees adopt the proposed Collection Development Policy replacing the former Collection Development Policy and the Materials Selection Policy.

Mr. Kirschenbaum, raising a point of order, stated that the motion on the floor was not in proper format. He requested clarification regarding the seconding of motions by committee action. The format of the motion was corrected to be consistent with Roberts Rules of Order.

The Board unanimously approved the motion.

Internet Use and Safety Policy

Mr. Freeman, chair of the System Services Committee, moved and seconded by committee action that the Sno-Isle Libraries Board of Trustees adopt the proposed Internet Use and Safety Policy.

President Steffener called for a vote on the motion. Mr. Kirschenbaum asked for clarification from the chair whether action items are discussed prior to voting.

The Board agreed that points of convention should be brought to the appropriate committee or the Board for correction prior to the second reading of the policy at the Board meeting. The Board will continue to discuss all other matters fully at the regular public Board meetings as required by law.

Mr. Kirschenbaum questioned whether the last statement of the fourth paragraph of the policy was correct:

Library District staff will not monitor the use of Internet access in any way other than as directed by the Disruptive Behavior Policy.

Ms. Woolf-Ivory confirmed that Library staff do not monitor library customers’ use of the Internet except as directed by the Disruptive Behavior Policy.

Mr. Selling called for the question, and the Board unanimously approved the motion.

Library Service Contracts

Ms. Woolf-Ivory updated the Board on her continuing work with contract cities pursuant to the Board’s direction to move cities to full levy rate contracts or annexation to the Library District.

Board Development / Administration Report

Ms. Fowler reporting for the Board Development / Administration Committee updated the Board on the upcoming retreat: the Request for Professional Services for a facilitator was distributed, four responses were received and reviewed by the committee, and interviews will be scheduled in the next month.

The Board recessed for 10 minutes at 2:10 P.M. and reconvened at 2:20 P.M.


Other - SAFE Act

After discussion, the Board instructed staff to draft a letter to Washington State United States Senators and Congressmen stating the Board’s support for the passage of the SAFE Act with emphasis on the provisions that relate to libraries. A draft letter will be included in the May Board packet and included on the agenda as an action item.


The Board discussed the “Ten Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards” as the self evaluation portion of the meeting.

Ms. Steffener, Ms. Stone, and Mr. Kirschenbaum gave brief reports on their attendance at the Washington Library Association Conference.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:43 P.M.

Next Meeting

The next regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 1:00 P.M. at the Marysville Service Center.

Libraries are the concert halls of the finest voices gathered from all times and places.
- Jean Paul Richter