2016-2025 Capital Facilities Plan

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Public Library Facilities for the Future  A library is not just a building that holds books. It is a space that serves and advances the community. That is a key message in this survey commissioned by Sno-Isle Libraries to help library and community leaders envision and plan facilities.

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Recommendations for community library buildings within the Capital Facilities Plan fall into four categories:

Maintain existing facility which will continue serving community needs

Renovate and/or expand an existing facility to enable it to meet community needs

Replace an existing library with a new facility to meet the needs of the community

Provide a facility where none exists to meet community needs. In the course of developing this plan, the library district identified areas where a significant number of residents are unserved or underserved by the library. Residents in these areas already face significant challenges to access the nearest library and population growth projections through 2025 indicate more will face those challenges. Significant community and regional plans for redevelopment and infrastructure improvements also influence where new libraries are needed.



A variety of factors were considered to develop recommendations for capital facility investments based on the ability to meet current and anticipated community needs, including:

  • Building size
  • Building condition
  • Current and historical use
  • Projected population growth
  • Changes in customer expectations
  • Innovations in library services
  • Community assessment and support