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Maker for Kids

Do you love to tinker?

Sno-Isle Libraries has many ways that you can build, stitch, craft, code and more.

Make Stuff

Challenge yourself to build or create something new today. Jamal and Nolan make robots at Lynnwood Library

Code Monkey!

Want to learn how to code? Or are you an experienced code monkey hungry to learn more? Here are some good places for kids to start:

Maker Resources

Maker Apps

GamePress Create your own digital game. Make your own characters, story and sound effects.  

Foldify Design your own 3-D figures out of paper. Who or what will you design? 

ScratchJr. Tell your own story or game using simple code. 

APP Inventor Learn how to build Android apps in hours. 

LEGO Movie Maker Make your own stop-motion movie. 

Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library.
The only entrance requirement is interest.
- Lady Bird Johnson