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Library Materials - Gifts Policy

Adopted May, 1982 by the Board of Trustees
Revised March 23, 1998
Revised January 21, 2003
Approved: Library Board of Trustees

Library Materials - Gifts

Gift Materials/Money Designated For Materials

The mission of the Sno-Isle Libraries is to be a community doorway to reading, resources and life long l earning and to be a center for people, ideas and culture.

The Library District welcomes gifts of library materials or money to purchase materials. The Library District will make every effort to respect donors' wishes regarding the purchase and assignment of gift materials. All gifts shall be acknowledged. Library staff will follow established procedures for recognizing and thanking gift donors.

The Executive Director or designee is authorized to accept gift materials. Gifts must be consistent with the Library District's mission to provide its residents access to an array of library services and cultural and educational resources, and they are subject to the same criteria applied to how other materials are added to or withdrawn from the collection. Materials that do not comply with the Library's Collection Development Policy may not be added to the collection. Gift materials shall become part of the Library District's circulating collection and will be available to all residents of the Library District, unless they are assigned to a community library's reference collection.

Disposition of gift materials, if necessary, will be made in accordance with Library District policies and procedures. Disposition may include donating materials to Friends of the Library or recycling.

Other Gifts

Gifts other than library materials or money to purchase materials are welcome, and may be accepted if the following criteria are met. The gift should be consistent with the Library District's mission to provide open and equal access to an array of library services and cultural and educational resources for Library District residents. Acceptance of the gift may depend on available space at the designated library. Donors understand that the gift becomes the sole property of the Library District, which assumes responsibility for and the right to determine its use, maintenance, and disposition. In the event maintenance costs are expected to be excessive or if the gift is deemed inconsistent with Library District policies or otherwise unacceptable, the Library District reserves the right to decline any gift. Gifts of equipment must be compatible with library-owned equipment or materials. The Library Board of Trustees shall be notified of any significant gifts the acceptance of which may affect Library policy.

The Library District does not own nor is it responsible for the city buildings in which library service is provided. Gifts to enhance the library buildings may be made to the city or entity which operates the building, in accordance with local regulations.

Gifts may qualify for a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code; however, the Library District accepts no responsibility for establishing or verifying the value of donated items for that purpose and the Library District cannot determine actual deductibility. Donors are referred to their tax consultant for any questions regarding deductibility.

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