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TEDxSnoIsleLibraries 2016 Reviews

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Helen Price Johnson

It was such a thrill to be a part of the first TEDxSnoIsleLibraries! I have always been a big fan of our local library system, first as a child, then as a parent and now a community leader. Still, this event took your value and influence to a whole other level. It was inspiring to witness the journeys of the speakers, and watch the audience as they shared those experiences that day. The stories were impactful, thought-provoking and very personal. We all were lifted by the powerful human capacity for positive change and innovation, and the importance of connection with one another.

- Helen Price Johnson, Island County Commissioner, District 1, TEDx stage host

Dave Somers

I am very pleased that Sno-Isle Libraries will be hosting Ted Talks in 2016. Snohomish County benefits when we have smart people articulating ideas to help our community be better, more just, and more equitable. I salute those who are stretching our minds and helping us imagine the solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.

- Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive

Dave Earling

As Mayor of Edmonds I am delighted and honored that Sno-Isle Libraries will bring the Tedx events to our community once again. This day-long series of stimulating and engaging talks showcases the best and brightest in our region on topics of great interest. Serving as host city for this event, Edmonds is proud to offer its welcome and hospitality to visitors from throughout the metropolitan area. I extend my sincerest wishes to attendees of this next Tedx event for an enjoyable and rewarding day, as well a delightful visit to Edmonds!

- Dave Earling, Mayor, City of Edmonds

Robert Fairfax

The Snohomish County Arts Commission is pleased to select and commission an artist to develop an interactive artwork for TEDxSnoIsleLibraries again in 2016.  We’re fortunate to have this perfectly executed, well attended platform to connect artistic talent to our broad Snohomish County community.

- Robert Fairfax, Chair, Snohomish County Arts Commission

Katrina Ondracek

Some of the region’s best talent is located right here, and TEDx gives United Way of Snohomish County the opportunity to support an inspiring event that showcases local innovation and talent.

- Katrina Ondracek, Executive Vice President, United Way of Snohomish County

When Sno-Isle Libraries approached our team in the summer of 2014 as a potential venue to host their TEDxSnoIsleLibraries Creating New Futures Event, we knew that our "home" would align with Sno-Isle Libraries’ mission to serve as a doorway to ideas and information and the TED mission of sharing "ideas worth spreading." We were delighted to work with the professional, committed and gracious members of the Sno-Isle Libraries staff and team of volunteers. Thank you for bringing TEDx to Edmonds Center for the Arts!

- Joe McIalwain, Executive Director, Edmonds Center for the Arts

It was a very informative day. Enjoyed all the different topics.

My Edmonds News headline, November 6, 2015: ‘Ideas worth spreading’ come fast and furious at Edmonds TEDxSnoIsleLibraries event.

Enjoyed many of the speakers, the day was wonderfully hosted.

On the way out on the sidewalk I overheard all sorts of great comments. My favorite was came from two people younger than I who said: "I can't believe this was produced by a library. Maybe we should go to the library more."

– Sarah Cabatit, attendee and TEDx event stage designer

I was probably the only person there who had not watched TEDx talk on a device. I was familiar with the name because of a friend who is active in TEDx. They are positive, uplifting, fun. I truly enjoyed myself and will return next year.

The quality of speakers and presentations, the positive energy in the room that day and the evening before and the pride that was on display from all of the attendees for Snohomish County and all that we are was obvious throughout.

– Jim Stephanson, Director, Business Development & Small Business Programs for Economic Alliance Snohomish County, TEDx partner and attendee

TED talks are amazing, inspiring and thought provoking. For Sno-Isle Libraries to host a local event is really special.

I had an incredible time and it wouldn't have been the same without sharing our successes as TEDx speakers with each other!

- Anna Rohrbough, principal of AR Leadership, TEDx 2015 speaker

This was a terrific event and I'd love to see more of this type of thing happening locally.

This was an inspiring event and great opportunity for my development.

– Ben Hempstead, Chief of Staff of ElectroImpact, TEDx 2015 speaker

Great crucible for generating ideas. I enjoyed the openness of other participants to share their thoughts. Quality speakers.

The stories and experiences all of my fellow TEDx speakers shared were amazing.

– Matt Cail, principal of Super-Charged Marketing, TEDx 2015 speaker

The event was inspirational, thought provoking and a great opportunity to connect with locals from a variety of backgrounds, everything I expected from TED!

I am so fortunate to have been included in the same program with such an impressive roster of accomplished people. I am guilty by association of being with the most inspiring assembly of personalities I have experienced in my lifetime. And after my talk I was a bit exhausted, in awe of the moment, overwhelmed and speechless. I am enjoying the memory of the moment this event gave me.

– Terry Thoren, CEO of Wonder Media, LLC, TEDx 2015 speaker

The event elevated the visibility of Sno-Isle Libraries in our community!

The conference was everything I hoped a TEDx conference would be. I enjoyed all the talks and I loved the Idea Lab.

The event was well organized, educational, fun, insightful and inspiring. I've already told several people about it, and to watch for it next year. Thank you to everyone who made it happen!

Tedx is eye opening, motivational, inspirational and sometimes a mindblowing experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the speakers, and having been to a number of TED events before, I liked the "local" spin that this one had.

It's not just *likely* that I'd recommend it. I already have. Several times. I've already spent the last three days telling my friends and colleagues how much I enjoyed it last Friday.

I found each of the speakers to be engaging and able to convey some truth about life in a short, inspirational talk.

The TEDx conference stimulated both my intellect and my emotions – it not only gave me information but it left me with questions - at times it was deeply personal and other times, coldly clinical - i laughed and cried and said "aha!" and "huh?" all throughout the day - and now it is time to say a heartfelt "thank you" to all of you.

Enlightening, encouraging, passionate and energetic!

I've loved TED Talks for many years. It was great to finally be able to attend one. Such a wonderful variety of topics with takeaways from each. A day to put away our devices and focus on enriching our lives.

Inspiring. Moving. Educational. Motivational. Thank you Sno-Isle Libraries and all the sponsors and volunteers.

Thank you, Sno-Isle Libraries, for bringing TEDx to Snohomish County

Interesting, forward thinking speakers. Useful ideas. Hopeful content. Masterful organization. Amazing, helpful staff and volunteer support. Great location. The event was educational, dynamic and a way to connect with community. Impeccable!!

It was an incredible day that strengthened our community through sharing ideas and information. It's wonderful that our public library made this happen!

The event helps me to recognize and appreciate the Learning Soul of the library.

I have been a huge fan on TED talks for a long time. To be able to attend a TEDx locally was fantastic. I live in Marysville and took a vacation day to attend. I hope to bring friends with me to attend next year!

Was very informative, talking to the speakers after the event was great.

Meeting other attendees was a great way to meet new people.

This was my first live TED event and it was truly inspiring. I have mentioned it to at least 5 people and can't wait to see next years event.

The event was very well organized and the presenters were excellent.

Although I am in education, I feel that individuals in any profession could benefit from hearing the talks. It was great to have TEDx available locally.

The event far exceeded my expectations.

For me, the shortest presentations were the best.

The TEDx event was AWESOME. Just hearing one of the speakers would have been wonderful, but to have so many at one place was amazing! I loved that you had people of all ages and backgrounds speak, and each speaker was very intelligent.

Just in awe of our local contributors. Very well organized. Great variety of speakers.

Inspiring, motivating, time well spent.

I was worried that I wouldn't get much out of the day as I have been out of the education loop for a while. My kids are both out of college. But I was very pleasantly surprised at the variety of information shared by the speakers. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to the 2016 session!

Loved the event. Raved about it on Facebook.

As a family member said when I told him about it, it was a marvelous antidote to the worldwide erosion of civility and civilization!

Best experience of the year! Very inspirational... got a lot a great ideas... met great people... worth taking the day off.

I was thoroughly impressed with the leadership of the libraries as a whole and how they had the attendees and speakers as their number one priority.

I listen to TED talks several times a week. I love the inspiration, insight and perspective I get from the speakers. When TED came to my town I signed up immediately, took the day off from work to attend, and spent the day soaking up the sights and sounds. Can't wait to attend another.

I loved having an event where people came together to exchange ideas and learn something new. If there's a TedXSnoIsleLibraries I'll definitely be there, bringing more friends with me.

Idea lab - this was a great space to get away and connect with others. And a nice spot to check emails. Music - I enjoyed the music that was infused in the day. Starting with the violin and ending with the rapper was really fun.

The talks were very motivational. Some made me laugh. Some made me cry. Some gave me an Ah Ha! Overall a very good experience.

It was a great day of sharing and a chance to pause and reflect on my life and how I influence others.

What an amazing start and an astounding finish. I would definitely recommend this to others. I would make the recommendation to perhaps open this to high school students or college students. As a person of color I felt immediately alone as I was young and brown in a room of older White Americans. I love TEDx and love this county and I know we can add more color to that room! Thank you for the experience, I can’t wait for the next!

You will learn more than you expected.

It lived up to the TED brand, providing a wide range of topics and entertainment value while being intellectually stimulating. I truly had a wonderful day.

An amazing representation of diversity, inclusion and global presence.

The talks were beautiful, inspiring, and an opportunity that one should take advantage of if possible. It is an experience that one should not miss out on!

It was a great inspiring day and gave me some good, concrete things to do to improve my life and business.

Diverse wide breath of speakers. Also enjoyed the setting and ability to meet new people and connect.

Sno-Isle Libraries bring the world to people in two counties through a huge collection and events like the TEDx that bring new ideas and discussions to these communities, many of which are small and rural, others of which are urban or suburban, and all of which are diverse and lively and greatly in need - as we all are - of an inclusive forum. This is a public good!

We enjoyed the range of topics and quality of the speakers. Well-organized event. I am still struck that 1000 people (hundreds at ECA and scores in other locales via simulcast) would sign up for event where they didn't know the speakers or the topics in advance. Bravo.

I want someone to go with me next time. It was great. Really energized and motivated me. The notes I took have been shared with many of my friends. THANKS! DO IT AGAIN!

It was a wonderful event with great speakers. I look forward to attending next year! Thank you Sno-Isle Libraries!

TEDxSnoIsleLibraries was one of the most incredible days I have experienced in a long time. I tell EVERYONE about it - and will continue to throughout the year until the next TEDxSnoIsleLibraries event!

What a great time, thank you to TED and to Sno-Isle Libraries and all the sponsors for putting on this event. I can't wait for next year!!

It's the best thing I've done in ages. Really, truly inspiring. I'd forgotten how many intellectual resources we had in this area. Great stuff. Will come back next year and bring friends. And hopefully have the money to donate to help keep it going.

My experience with TEDxSnoIsleLibraries exceeded my hopes for being inspired by innovative ways of thinking, perceiving and feeling about the notion of "Creating New Futures." Every speaker gave me at least one perfect gem to carry away with me: From intergenerational intelligence as a new pathway for connection and community, social enterprise as a new model for capitalism, bringing death awareness to living a more present and passionate life, how loving the night sky in a context of struggle became a powerful seed for creating a life beyond limitations, how finding a chance phrase on Wikipedia made sense, at last, of the precious, rare, and misunderstood life of a remarkably smart young woman with an unforgettable invitation to look for the mysteries beyond what we think we see, and to witness one man's in-the-moment recognition that his success over fear was evidenced in the brave act of giving a TEDx talk that offer "thinking time" via his stunning piano compositions!

The experience was incredible. I've watched many many many TED talks online, my thought was that if we were to focus on local people we would not have the presentation level that you see online. I was wrong.

I've watched a couple hundred Ted talks online, and today's fit right in.

-TEDx team member

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