Strategic Priorities 2017-2019

We will concentrate on:

  • Increasing kindergarten readiness in language and literacy
  • Building civic engagement to address community issues
  • Strengthening our economy by supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners

Core Services

In keeping with our values and purpose, we:

  • Sustain a diverse collection of materials in various formats
  • Lend library materials
  • Connect readers with books
  • Provide access to computers and connectivity
  • Deliver expert information and research assistance
  • Present programs addressing community needs and interests
  • Maintain safe, welcoming spaces


We believe in:

  • Each individual's right to free and equal access to information and ideas
  • The worth and appreciation of diverse points of view
  • The value of individuals, community, and culture
  • The importance of innovation in meeting evolving customer needs and expectations
  • Accountability for the public's resources


We foster a literate and informed citizenry by:

  • Providing equal access to the library and its resources for all
  • Championing early literacy
  • Supporting lifelong learning
  • Providing space to think, meet, work, and create
  • Convening people for public discourse