Library Ambassadors

Do you have a personal story that inspired you to love Libraries? Do you feel strongly that libraries play an important role in our communities in the digital age? Do you believe in kindergarten readiness, lifelong learning, access to information, and civic engagement? Do you want to help articulate the value and importance of libraries for generations to come?  

If the answer is "Yes, yes!," then Sno-Isle Libraries welcomes you to become a Library Ambassador. Hitting the green "Sign me up!" button will get you on the mailing list for our Library Ambassadors blog.

Ambassador activities

The Library Ambassadors blog is our primary channel for communicating. Think of the blog as the inside scoop of Sno-Isle Libraries, the information you need to share library news person-to-person and online. Remember: The No. 1 job of a Library Ambassador is to spread the news about what Sno-Isle Libraries does for them, their families, and their communities. 

Participating as a Library Ambassador is a wonderful way to go above and beyond your regular interactions with us  as a customer, volunteer, or Friend of the Library.

Want to do even more and make a formal commitment as a Library Ambassador? Occasionally Library Ambassadors will be called upon to represent Sno-Isle Libraries at Community forums, events, and even in print. Please contact Christine Stansfield at cstansfield@sno-isle.org or 360-651-7003 if you're interested in learning more.