A Noun of Noun and Nouns

By Jennifer

Librarians look at a lot of books. After a while, we start to notice trends.

For instance, currently there are many books with this title pattern: A Noun of Noun and Noun. You’ll find Books of Nouns and Nouns in regular fiction, fantasy fiction, science fiction, mystery fiction, even nonfiction. There are hundreds of them.

Which gave us an idea. What if we picked random nouns out of a pot, and made our own?

At Mill Creek Library, teens and adults can create and decorate their own Noun of Noun and Noun book. We have blank book cover templates for you to title and decorate, and a helpful Box of Nouns to choose from. Create your title, decorate your book, and show off your creativity!

The books will be on display throughout the month of June. That’s not all: the creators of the three most remarkable books, chosen by Mill Creek Library staff, will win gift cards to local restaurants.

So come by the Mill Creek Library, select your nouns, and impress us with your brilliance! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.