Explore narrative true crime

If you are one of the many people fascinated by true crime, narrative true crime offers a fresh perspective to the genre. While the authors of these books focus on the details of an intriguing case, they also insert their own memories and feelings into their writing. What results is a compelling, intimate look at a crime that reads like fiction and humanizes the victims. Sound interesting? Start with one of these titles!

I'll Be Gone in the Dark: A haunting, well-researched account of the chilling crimes of the Golden State Killer, told with gripping detail and emotion. 

True Crime Addict: Journalist James Renner offers an in-depth exploration into the disappearance of Maura Murray, a young woman who vanished after a car accident in the mountains of New Hampshire.

The Third Rainbow Girl: Part memoir, part true crime investigation, this stunningly written book covers the murder of two women in Appalachia and the shadow cast on the community for decades after.

The Monster of Florence: This disturbing, suspenseful book chronicles the author’s discovery that his family home in Florence had been the scene of a gruesome double murder.

People Who Eat Darkness: Thrumming with energy, this is a well-written, emotional look at the disappearance and murder of Lucy Blackman in Tokyo.

Narrative true crime is thoughtful, reflective, and full of emotion. Try something new and pick up one of these titles today.