Grills & Thrills: Cookbook and Movie Pairings

Turn your next BBQ into a movie night! These cookbooks will elevate your grilling game, while a movie streamed on your favorite internet-connected device will add an extra layer of fun to your gathering. New to streaming with your library card? Check out our blog post Get Started with Streaming Video.

Buddy Up

The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written by Two Idiots - Written by Food Network stars The Grill Dads, this introduction to the art of grilling is designed for barbecue beginners. "We like to joke that people at home can look at us and say, 'If these two idiots can do it, I can too.'" Based on the philosophy that you--yes YOU--can make everything and anything on a grill, the book's recipes include everything from soups to salads, appetizers to mains. 

Pair With

Buddymoon - After David (Grimm's David Giuntolil) is left by his fiancée days before the wedding, his eccentrically upbeat best man (Flula Borg, Pitch Perfect 2) insists that they go on David's honeymoon together--a backpacking trip through Oregon's scenic mountains--in this charming twist on the classic buddy comedy.  

Sip and Sizzle

One-beer Grilling - Nothing beats cracking open a crisp brew over flame-grilled food on a hot summer afternoon. But who wants to be stuck behind the grill all day? Learn how to prepare awesome, smoke-infused meals before you finish your first cold one. Complete with grill-savvy tips to master the flame and a variety of recipes including everything from meat to pizza, you'll be kicking back with great food in the time it takes to drink a beer. 

Pair With

Hopped up - Ninety miles east of Seattle, Washington, the arid Yakima Valley produces roughly 1/3rd of the world's hops. From multigenerational farming families to cutting-edge lab research, take a 90-minute deep dive into the science and art of breeding and farming hops.  

Add A French Twist

French Grill - Authored by an internationally acclaimed journalist and chef, this cookbook offers a sophisticated twist to your grilling repertoire with French cuisine-inspired recipes. Impress your guests with dishes like grilled shiitakes, grilled vegetable salad, Mediterranean burgers, honey grilled pork chops, grilled summer fruit salad, and more.

Pair With

A cat in Paris - Make movie night a family affair with this all-ages, beautifully hand-drawn caper set in the alleyways of Paris. Dino is a cat that leads a double life. By day he lives with a little girl named Zoe, but at night Dino works with Nico, a cat burglar. Rated PG. 

South of the Border

Cowboy Barbecue - Written by a third-generation barbecue master, this deeply personal cookbook celebrates the traditions of Latin America and Texas, taking inspiration from the vaquero lifestyle and the author's own family history. Go beyond standard grilling in this guide featuring techniques for smoking, cooking directly on the embers, underground, on a spit, and more.

Pair With

La Frontera With Pati Jinich - Savor the sights, sounds and flavors of the U.S.-Mexico border alongside acclaimed chef and James Beard Award-winning host Pati Jinich as she experiences the region's rich culture, people and cuisine in this PBS documentary series. 

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