Third Graders Read Together Stealing the Sword

This winter, many third graders in Snohomish and Island counties are reading Stealing the Sword by Wendy Mass, as part of the Sno-Isle Libraries Third Graders Read Together program. Participating schools have received classroom book sets and activity guides.

You can join the fun and read along too!  Start by finding Stealing the Sword in the catalog, then read on for discussion questions, activity ideas, and read-alike suggestions.

Discussion Questions: 

  • Chase and Ava work in the flea market selling ‘found art’ that their parents make. Have you made art out of found objects? 
  • Ava insists that magic, wizards, fairies, and dragons are real. But she also believes that monsters and elves are not real. What do you think? 
  • Would you like to travel back in time? Or travel to the future? What other books have you read about time travel? 
  • Why do you think Chase and Ava were able to repair the sword when Merlin could not? Why did the author choose to write the story that way? 
  • At the very end of the book the suitcase begins to rattle from under Chase’s bed. Why did the book end that way? 

Activity Ideas:

  • At the beginning of the adventure, Chase and Ava are helping at their parents’ flea market booth selling art made of random materials and trash. Their parents call it "found art.” Collect objects that interest you from home, outside, or your classroom. Think about how these objects might come together to create something new. Then, turn trash into treasure and create your own found art or magical time traveling artifact!  
  • Design a medieval castle of your own. Use pencils, markers, and paper to make a map or go further and build your castle with index cards, blocks, cardboard, and other building materials. Don’t forget the secret passageways!
  • Write about what it would be like to time travel. Where would you want to go? What object would take you there? What would you do on your adventure?

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