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It's almost Halloween! Which of these characters would you most like to take trick-or-treating?VOTESee results
October is officially pumpkin season! Which of these tasty pumpkin treats would you most like to try?VOTESee results
Who is your favorite robot? VOTESee results
Which would you choose for a classroom pet?VOTESee results
The best thing about rain is?VOTESee results
We are in the dog days of summer. Who is your favorite dog?VOTESee results
If you could spend your summer vacation in a book, which book would you want to go to?VOTESee results
What is your favorite way to cool off on a hot summer day?VOTESee results
If you could take a rocket ship anywhere in the galaxy, where would you want to go first?VOTESee results
What kind of reading do you want to enjoy this summer?VOTESee results
EXPLORE SUMMER IS HERE! Where is your favorite spot to read in the summer?VOTESee results
Weather is warmer and gardens are growing... What kind of garden would you most like to plant?VOTESee results
Did you know that May is National Bike Month? Which of these titles is your favorite bike story?VOTESee results
Spring brings frog songs. Is the croaking keeping you up at night? Which of these froggy bedtime reads is your favorite?VOTESee results
Did you know that May is National Inventor's Month? Who is your favorite inventor?VOTESee results
It's spring and cute baby animals are everywhere! Which spring baby would you like to have for a pet?VOTESee results
Hop into spring with a bunny book! Which of these is your favorite rabbity read?VOTESee results
Garden weather is finally here! Which of these classic garden tales is your favorite?VOTESee results
March is Women's History Month! Which of these books about amazing women would you like to read?VOTESee results
St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! What is your favorite GREEN read?VOTESee results
With the Daylight Saving time change coming this Sunday, March 10, time shifting may be on your mind... Which of these time-bending books is your favorite?VOTESee results
What was your favorite part of the big snow event?VOTESee results
Which pet would you like to have?VOTESee results
What's your favorite winter activity?VOTESee results
Which of these stories is your all time favorite spooky read?VOTESee results
Who is your favorite storybook monster?VOTESee results
When planning your costume for Halloween, which of these characters would be your favorite choice?VOTESee results
If you were trapped in a fairy tale, which of these villains would you prefer to face and try to outwit?VOTESee results
Which of these famous friendships from well-known stories is your favorite pair?VOTESee results
We have many great comic series in our collection and here are a some of them. Which is your favorite?VOTESee results
Author, Roald Dahl's, birthday is September 13. Many of his novels have been turned into movies. Which is your favorite? VOTESee results
What is your favorite thing about going back to school?VOTESee results
What is your favorite part of the fair?VOTESee results
What's your favorite way to beat the heat during the summer?VOTESee results
If you could take a trip to a book location, where would you go?VOTESee results
Would you rather...VOTESee results
Which summer movie have you seen, or are planning to go to? VOTESee results
This summer's theme is "Libraries Rock!" If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?VOTESee results
What is your favorite outdoor summer activity?VOTESee results
Who would you love to be best friends with?VOTESee results

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