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Dog and Boy Statue

Artist unknown.

History / Background:Donated in memory of Matthew Aurand.
Installation Date:1995
Funding Source:Friends and Family of Matthew Aurand

Humpback Whale Carving

G. Griffin of Camano Island, Wash.

History / Background:
Installation Date:1980
Funding Source:Donated by the Monty Family.

Photo of Jerry Firnstahl

by Kathy Firnstahl

History / Background:Memorial for Jerry Firnstahl.
Installation Date:2009
Funding Source:Donation

Pueblo Storyteller Doll

Artwork by Mary Toya

History / Background:This doll was donated as a memorial for Diane Rengen by her friends and family.
Installation Date:1987/1988
Funding Source:Donation

Vase of Yellow Flowers

Artwork by L. Bates

History / Background:This painting is thought to have been donated on behalf of Mrs. Oliver.
Installation Date:
Funding Source:Donation

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