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Aquarius Rising

Mark and Marcus Ellinger, Glass Quest Studio

History / Background:Enhanced by a spotlight or daylight, the sculpture captures the energy of the sea. “Lots of sweat, planning and creativity to brought this sculpture together.” - Mark Ellinger
Medium:Hand blown glass, copper and steel. Some molds were made to get the perfect shapes for the glass.
Installation Date:April 1, 2017
Funding Source:Donated by Drs. Gary and Sue Cohn

Brain Beauty, Beauty Brain

Andrea K. Lawson

History / Background:This piece was commissioned to represent the blending of art and science. The individual frames are an illustration of different aspects of brain function represented at a cellular level. The piece is dedicated in memorial to Dudley Phibbs.
Medium:Acrylic paint on gatorfoam board mounted on solid wood mortise/tenon frame
Installation Date:September 2016
Funding Source:Debbie and Mark Phibbs, Mark’s Camano Pharmacy

Brown, Matsui, and Levi Strauss

Duane Simshauser

History / Background:Created in 2006 in memory of Julie Simshauser
Medium:Metal plates, hardware cloth, jeans, branches, concert tickets, acrylic on wood panels
Installation Date:Dedicated on May 21, 2016
Funding Source:Donated by Duane Simshauser

Frozen Explosion

Jack Archibald

History / Background:FROZEN EXPLOSION was commissioned by Jeff Ericson in the newly completed Terry’s Commons. Jeff created a powdered drink called Frozen Explosion, the artwork played off the name. Measuring about 12' x 10' the artwork utilizes blown glasses of highly iridescent glass, with unique quality of reversing color polarities under different lighting. Viewed in the daytime from the outside, the palette is very cold and icy, leaning toward the blue spectrum (the frozen part of frozen explosion) while the interior during daylight hours is quite warm and emphasizes the amber colorations (the explosion). Overall the design is abstract, a Big Bang with a nucleus that is actually a Marc Boutte blown rondel enlarging toward the outer radius along with shards of dichroic and iridescent glass. The mural was built in 12 sections after the design was laid out full and each section was cut and leaded at my studio and took about 1-2 days each. My intention was to create a kinetic and dynamic design, one that would transform under different lighting conditions rather than be static. – Jack Archibald
Medium:Iridescent blown glasses
Installation Date:2004
Funding Source:Commissioned by Jeff Ericson


Artist John Ebner; fabricated by Ryan Jansen of Stanwood High School welding shop

History / Background:From the artist: “On this island, we are blessed with beautiful scenery in all directions. We have water and boating scenes, mountains and beautiful forests, parks and wildlife. One of my favorite parts of this place is the wonderful people who reside here! This is a tribute to the families that make this island so special.”
Medium:The pieces are flat steel and banded with one inch steel trim and powder coated
Installation Date:Dedicated: May 21, 2016
Funding Source:

Pillar of Wisdom

Josh Henrie, a carver for more than 20 years, was born and raised in Bellingham. His pieces reflect local themes. Henrie states, “Just like the coast, my sculptures are rugged, tough, graceful, smooth and worn down, giving the viewer a chance to follow the journey of the stone as it is brought to life.”

History / Background:As a tribute to the new library building, which opened on Aug. 1, 2015, the Camano Island Library Art Committee issued a call to artists for a permanent outdoor sculpture and this piece was selected from the submissions.
Medium:Columbian basalt sculpture
Installation Date:Installation July 3, 2015; dedication ceremony Sept. 26, 2015
Funding Source:The sculpture was made possible by donations from the Camano Island Library Friends, the Citizens for a Camano Library, and 66 individual contributors.


Jim Reinhardt

History / Background:The idea behind the sculpture was to create a snapshot of a child's imagination in the context of an epic race. The fire-haired girl in the front leads the race as her imagined competitors trail her in each of their own fashion. I wanted the piece to give the children who visit the library latitude to create their own, if you will, backstory for each of the characters. Whos wins the race? Why are they participating? Why are their "cars" built as such? Who's their favorite character and, most importantly, WHY? I have my own take on it but, in the end, I leave that to the imagination of the viewers. – Jim Reinhardt
Medium:Foam, fiberglass, Apoxie-Sculpt, marine resin, acrylic
Installation Date:September 2016
Funding Source:Donated by Marla and Randy Heagle, Windermere Real Estate, presenters of the Stanwood Camano Soap Box Derby.


Jack Archibald, Circa 1983

History / Background:In memory of Carol Wilkerson and her volunteer work in the community.
Medium:Stained glass
Installation Date:August 8, 2017
Funding Source:

Wonders and Curiosities on Every Shelf

Dan Koffman

History / Background:Danny Koffman's 14' x 2' library mural is digitally printed on 3/16" aluminum sheeting using a dye-sublimation process that seals it to the surface with heat and pressure. The actual artwork was done in multiple mediums of illustration, airbrush, pastel and photography, with each of the 65 book spines rendered separately before being digitally scanned for the final production.
Medium:Aluminum sheeting
Installation Date:Dedicated on May 21, 2016
Funding Source:Donated by Gay and Oren Campbell in memory of their son Drew Campbell