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The Storyteller

A bronze rabbit with its arms outstretched is telling a story to three bronze squirrels. Georgia Gerber, born in 1955, grew up in Chester County, Pa. She studied sculpture and bronze casting at Bucknell University, and attended graduate school at the University of Washington. Georgia lives on Whidbey Island, Wash. She and her husband operate their own studio and foundry in Clinton. She primarily works with life size animal and human figures, often incorporating architectural or abstract elements into the design. A career emphasis has been the creation of accessible public artwork that encourages viewer interaction.

History / Background:This sculpture, dedicated to all who enjoy the Clinton Library, is a gift from Eric and Linda Falken and the Library's many generous friends. The Falken's contribution is in memory of Eric's aunt, Edith Falkenstein, a dedicated children's librarian for 42 years.
Installation Date:September 2007
Funding Source:Eric and Linda Falken and community donations.