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Koryn Rolstad Studios/Bannerworks

History / Background:This site-specific work features fabric pieces assembled to depict "books flying open with windblown pages, twisted and formed as if the wind had visited the area." An assortment of text, punctuation, and Internet symbols are appliqued onto the fabric pieces hung from the ceiling.
Medium:Applique and silk screen on aerial textile sculpture. (3 books and 16 pages)
Installation Date:1999
Funding Source:City of Lynnwood 1998/1999 Portable Works Acquisition.

Future Track

Ron Petty

History / Background:Commissioned to commemorate the centennial of Washington's statehood, this work celebrates the history of the City of Lynnwood. Lifesize bronze animals including a short-tailed weasel, coyote, raccoon, Canadian goose, and crow, are placed directly in the path of a replicated steel track used by the Interurban Railway. The juxtaposition of nature and technology prompts thought on both the past and future of wildlife.
Medium:Bronze cast animal sculpture and painted interurban rail
Installation Date:1989
Funding Source:City of Lynnwood 1989 Commission Commemorating the Washington State Centennial.

Myth and Magic in the City

Maya Radoczy

History / Background:Colorful and whimsical, this playful piece includes animal shapes and mythical creatures in a design that is both boldly effective when viewed from a distance and interesting to inspect up close.
Medium:Fused and leaded glass
Installation Date:1991
Funding Source:City of Lynnwood 1991 1% for Art Project.


Ted Jonsson

History / Background:Contemporary abstract work combines elegant grace with optical illusion. Stand on one side looking through the piece and you see a circle, stand on the other side looking through and you see a square. Created in the late 1970s as a commission work for Alderwood Mall, Sinusoidal is currently on a 10 year renewable loan from the Mall.
Medium:Stainless steel sculpture
Installation Date:1995
Funding Source:Loaned from Alderwood Mall.

Summer Otters

Tony Angell

History / Background:First major art commission for the City of Lynnwood. Unlike many artworks which can be damaged over time from oils on hands and skin, this work is carved from the jade-like serpentine, which grows richer in color and so more beautiful from human touch throughout time.
Medium:Serpentine stone sculpture
Installation Date:1985
Funding Source:Commisson funded jointly by the City of Lynnwood and Friends of the Lynnwood Library.


Tom and Lea Anne Askman

History / Background:City of Lynnwood 1% for Art.
Medium:Multi-faceted cast bronze, brick and rock works/water feature
Installation Date:1999
Funding Source:The first water feature to be included in the City of Lynnwood's Public Art Collection, this work invites library patrons to both see and hear its effect, as the sound of moving water complements the visual aesthetics of the cast bronze works. Bronze hands holding a book burst out of the brick wall, while water cascades down into a river-rock lined stream bed. Along the river bank rest seven life-size cast bronze animals, including a beaver, small bird, lizard, box turtle and two trout.