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Children's Area Entryway

The artwork clearly identifies the children's area. It welcomes and engages young children and their families, while highlighting the natural history of Whidbey Island. Facing into the area, children are greeted with large trees which house a variety of woodland animals, birds and insects. Painted screen transitions from green to blue, as the artwork moves from forest to ocean. From inside the children's area the view is beach, fish sea life and ocean birds. Celia Marie Baker is a freelance illustrator and fine artist who lives with her husband, Seth, and two sons in Snohomish, Wash. An alumni of Cornish College of the Arts, her interests range from books, to toys to fine art. A published children's book illustrator, this is her first large installation. Woodwork by Seth Baker.

History / Background: The Oak Harbor Library Art Committee selected the work, which captures woodland and ocean scenes using animals, birds, fish and insects of Whidbey Island. Early literacy concepts are employed as children are invited to find the animals and their accompanying letters.
Medium:Mixed, acrylic and oil on wood, with painted screening.
Installation Date:November 2011, Ribbon cutting celebration December 2, 2011
Funding Source:Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation Mini-Grant