The Next Steps for the Edmonds Library

Sno-Isle Libraries and the City of Edmonds are actively working on the project to enhance the library building space for our Edmonds community.  

  • On Tuesday, February 21, the Edmonds City Council held a staff briefing and discussion about the project and a proposed amendment to our annexation agreement to allow Sno-Isle to move ahead with the renovation and repairs. 
  • On Monday, February 27, the Sno-Isle Libraries Board of Trustees will be reviewing the proposed amendment to the annexation agreement. 
  • On Tuesday, February 28, the Edmonds City Council will have the agreement before them to vote on the consent calendar. 

Sno-Isle Libraries and the City are working towards doing something really special for the Edmonds community, and reaching agreement on the annexation addendum allows the project to move forward with the intent of opening this summer. 

Sno-Isle Libraries will be investing at least 2.5 million in our Edmonds Community with the Edmonds Library modernization. Adding in the city’s contribution for recovery and repair, the overall project budget will be higher. The Edmonds Library is the cornerstone of our community, and we have heard overwhelming feedback that everyone loves their library.  

The amendment needs to be co-approved by both City Council and Sno-Isle Libraries. The addendum also includes access to a build reserve that was funded by Sno-Isle Libraries in 1998 upon annexation into Sno-Isle Libraries. This reserve will cover $250, 000 recovery and repair costs for the City and $610,000 renovation work for Sno-Isle Libraries. Sno-Isle plans to invest additional funds from our capital budget and the City of Edmonds also has an insurance settlement forthcoming. 

The library will be modernized, following the flooding on June 23, and our community will be now able to access a community meeting room, study or “Zoom” room, and enhanced children’s area.  

We look forward to continuing to work with the City to welcome our community back into their library.