Sultan & Granite Falls libraries pick up the pace with faster internet speeds

Sno-Isle Libraries has improved internet connection speeds at the Sultan and Granite Falls libraries in a move to improve internet access. 

After working for nine months with internet vendor Fatbeam, new 1 gigabit fiber-optic connections both libraries are now operating 

By using fiber, we are able to offer much faster upload speeds than what customers can normally get at home,” said Sno-Isle Libraries Senior Network Engineer Robert Kerr. 

Wi-Fi signal strength outside each library remains unchanged for now, but that’s coming. 

“That will be improved with a future project to replace the Wi-Fi access points,” Kerr said. “Eventually, more people than ever will be able to simultaneously use our Wi-Fi without slowdowns.”  

Sno-Isle Libraries works to continuously improve internet access for customers at its community libraries. Many customers rely on Sno-Isle Libraries for internet access. 

Granite Falls Library
Sno-Isle Libraries has improved internet access speeds at the Granite Falls Library.

“Were aware that in some rural areas, the library offers the most stable, highest bandwidth internet connection in the area for the public to use, Kerr said. 

The Sultan Library will have the capacity of 1000Mbps (gigabit) download and 1000Mbps upload speeds, along with its existing 350Mbps download/35Mbps upload connection from Comcast. When a staff member or customer on public Wi-Fi accesses the internet, network gear will pick the connection with the most bandwidth available. From time to time, some users may be put on the slower Comcast connection. 

The public Wi-Fi speed for each user has been increased from 25Mbps download/2Mbps upload to 50Mbps for both download and upload. That's on par with a standard Comcast home internet connection, with much better upload.  

Customers who want to use video conferences or upload large images or videos to the internet will see the most improvement, Kerr saidThe network gear can burst speeds up to 100Mbps if there is little network traffic. 

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