Parenting Tweens and Teens

Join Sno-Isle Libraries for a series of events designed to help you navigate parenting during your child's tween and teen years.

The Parenting Teens series, presented by Cocoon House, will be offered at several Community Libraries and focused on topics such as depression, substance abuse and technology.

Parenting Teens - Presented by Cocoon House

Parenting Teens, presented by Cocoon House, is a collection of events looking at specific topics related to raising a teenager. Class topics include teen depression, technology boundaries and substance abuse. Find class descriptions below.

Accommodations for people with disabilities will be provided upon request. Please contact your library with two weeks advanced notice.

What's Going on in my Teen's Brain?

Do you feel like your teen is...ignoring you, doing exactly what you have asked them not to do, unconcerned for their future or the consequences of their actions? Guess what? Your teen isn't necessarily doing any of this on purpose. In "What's Going on in my Teen's Brain?" discussion will focus on research explaining teen brain development. Parents will learn what they can reasonably expect their teen to comprehend with tips devoted to increasing the brain capacity necessary to master the developmental challenges of adolescence. Participants will also review their understanding of the Age of Consent laws in Washington State, to avoid unnecessarily involving the courts when securing help for their teen.

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Understanding and Preventing Substance Abuse in Teens

"Just say no" to drugs doesn't work. Conventional wisdom says teens use substances for pleasure, but research shows us those who become substance abusers are most often battling feelings of emptiness and helplessness. In "Understanding and Preventing Substance Abuse in Teens" parents will explore what makes teens particularly vulnerable to seeking drugs to cope with adolescence. Participants will be in a better position to assist their teen in safely navigating the difficult teen years.

Parent's Guide to Teen Depression

Review the difference between depression as an emotion and as a clinical diagnosis. Explore the behavioral signs to look for in teens suffering from depression. Also look at the myths and the facts of depression and different treatment options. By gaining a deeper understanding of depression, participants of this class will begin to distinguish whether or not their teen is suffering from a clinical disorder. Direction on how to find treatment will be provided.

Talking to Teens about Sex

The Age of Information has many parents fearing what they have to tell their child about sex is no longer relevant. "They're doing things I never did...what could I possibly tell them that they don't already know?" A lot. Despite today's teen's apparent "instant access" to the mechanics of sex, the vast majority of youth report they want to talk about the uncool side of sex with the people who love them the most, their parents. In "Talking to Teens about Sex", parents will explore why their two cents is vital to their child's developing sexuality. Knowing where you stand regarding sexual matters is the first step in increasing communication with teens about sex. Kids who talk with their parents about sex are less likely to engage in premature sexual behavior.

Technology Boundaries with your Teen

Are you losing to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or that newest game system? The Xbox, IPad, Kindle, and cell phones have taken over! Has dinner become a text or email session? Do you wonder what they could possibly be sharing online or what is so important that it can't wait? How do parents set limits on social media or video games, when we can barely stay on top of the latest fad? In this workshop we will develop a greater understanding of available technology, how to welcome and limit technology into our homes, and how to maintain a connection with your teen in a world driven by technology that is at our fingertips.

Successful Communication with Your Teen

Communication…simple and yet very complex. Easy to do but hard to be good at it. We actually only hear half of what is said to us. Communication is happening all the time and it comes in many forms. What we know is that successful communication is the key to building a trusting and respectful relationship. Effective communication lets our needs be known, expresses our emotions, and shares information. Communication is verbal and nonverbal, non-verbal consisting of over 93% of our communication. In this class you will learn how to communicate effectively with your teenager and explore ways in which to communicate your love and frustration so it is actually heard. We will also explore the secrets of effective communication, what triggers us, what it is we really want to say, and practice skill building.


Bullying exists from the back alley to schools, to places of employment and in Nursing Homes. It creates an environment of fear, avoidance and resistance. It destroys creativity, connections between friends and families, and can sideline a life's growth and development---whether as the bully or the target. Come and learn some great techniques to help when you see bullying, how to identify bullying and what to do if you are being bullied.

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