Plan for Profit Webinars

Plan for Profit logo with a calendar and clock on it.The Plan for Profit on-demand webinar series will save you time and money as you learn how to take advantage of free market research tools to create a successful business strategy. At the end of the series, you'll know how to access all of the information you need to create a solid business plan. You can also view whichever webinars interest you. Current and future business owners are invited to view these webinars with their own computers anywhere they have an internet connection.

Note: These webinars refer AtoZDatabases, which has been replaced by ReferenceUSA. If you have questions about using ReferenceUSA, please ask us.

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Plan for Profit: Write a Business Plan
Did you know that business owners who put their plan in writing have a higher success rate? Learn why it's important to write a business plan, the basic components of a plan, how to find sample business plans that match your business concept, then find resources to guide you through the process.
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Plan for Profit: Find Your Customers
Entrepreneurs, come learn how to do strategic market research for your business by discovering your B2C (business to consumer) customers. This class will cover how to identify the names, addresses, and phone numbers of potential new customers based on their interests, incomes, and buying potential. Note: If you are operating a B2B business, attend "Understand Your Competitors" to learn how to find your business customers.
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Plan for Profit: Understand Your Competitors
This class will cover how to find information about your competitors and understand where you fit in the market. You will learn how to quickly analyze your competitors or B2B (business to business) customers using built-in data visualization tools. Register now.
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Plan for Profit: Market Potential & Your Market Share
Entrepreneurs will learn how to maximize their market share by looking at industry trends, finding customers and competitors, and determining your market potential.
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