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Snohomish County Arts Commission logoThe Snohomish County Arts Commission partners with Sno-Isle Libraries by selecting and commissioning artists to develop interactive artwork for TEDxSnoIsleLibraries.


Artist Mona Fairbanks

Artist Mona Fairbanks

The centerpiece of the TEDxSnoIsleLibraries IdeaLab in 2016 was "Flower Tower," an interactive artwork by Mona T. Smiley-Fairbanks of Edmonds. 

The tower of metal and light honors the event theme, Transformation, as participants move crystals and prisms to change the artwork's appearance. 

"We never seem to tire at the awe of a rainbow or marvel at the cast of our own shadow," says Mona. "‘Flower Tower' allows people to insert their own imagination into the color, shading, and cast of  the piece." Mona developed the sculpture to have minimum waste. The steel flowers are repurposed from a previous installation and the colored rods will be reused. 

Mona is a Northwest native making monotype prints, acrylic canvases, and most anything that  can pose an artistic challenge. Inspired by Puget Sound, the rushing waters and the fragrant  Douglas firs, her work reflects patterns, colors  and endangered species.



Artist Andy Behrle

Artist Andy Behrle

A highlight of the 2015 IdeaLab was artist Andy Behrle's "Cosmos Aquatic," created by light reflecting off the surface of water and projected onto weather balloons hanging from the ceiling.

Each balloon was set into motion by a unique montage of video captured at a specific site in Washington that has cultural, historic, and social importance. These microcosms became planets orbiting overhead. 
Besides being beautiful, Andy meant for the compositions to reframe local water issues as global issues. 

Behrle received his MFA in sculpture from Arizona State University. He lives in Zillah, Wash. Learn more about the artist at andybehrle.com

There was one place where I could find out who I was and what I was going to become.
And that was the public library.
- Jerzy Kosinski