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Kids quick polls

What is your favorite thing to do at the library?VOTESee results
What is your favorite movie that has been inspired by a children's book?VOTESee results
What is your favorite thing about spring?VOTESee results
What is your favorite type of weather?VOTESee results
Which is your favorite of these "-itos"?VOTESee results
Who do you admire most?VOTESee results
What is the first thing you do after school?VOTESee results
It's almost Valentine's Day! What is your favorite sweet treat?VOTESee results
What is your favorite book genre?VOTESee results
Which winter sport do you like best?VOTESee results
If you could have one of these animals as a pet, which would it be?VOTESee results
January is National Hobby Month. What's your favorite hobby?VOTESee results
Did you go to a movie during Winter Break? Which one?VOTESee results
Which sidekick would you choose from Star Wars?VOTESee results
Would you rather eat your cereal with eggnog (instead of milk) or eat a candy cane sandwich?VOTESee results
What is your favorite thing about wintertime?VOTESee results
What do you plan on doing with your Thanksgiving break?VOTESee results
What is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?VOTESee results
Which of the following must a book have in order to be spectacular?VOTESee results
How do you think the newly released, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down, will end?VOTESee results
What will you be for Halloween?VOTESee results
October 25 is National Greasy Food Day. What's your favorite greasy food?VOTESee results
Which Fictional Place Would You Most Want to Visit?VOTESee results
Fall is finally here! What do you love most about it?VOTESee results
If you could be any magical creature, what would you be?VOTESee results
September is National Breakast Month! What's your favorite breakfast food?VOTESee results
School is back! How do you feel about the new year?VOTESee results
What is your favorite summer Olympics sport?VOTESee results
How do you use the library when playing Pokémon Go?VOTESee results
What is the latest you've ever stayed up reading a book you couldn't put down?VOTESee results
Which of these characters would you most like to be friends with?VOTESee results
What is your favorite summertime sport? VOTESee results
How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?VOTESee results
School's out for the summer! What are you going to do?VOTESee results
Who Is Your Favorite Superhero?VOTESee results
Which super power do you wish you had?VOTESee results
Which is your favorite Disney movie?VOTESee results
Your ultimate adventure would be too...VOTESee results
What villain would you take on?VOTESee results
If you could attend a fictional school which one would it be?VOTESee results

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.
- Henry Ward Beecher