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What's your favorite type of vacation?

What's your favorite type of vacation?
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What's your favorite type of vacation?

  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Camping and hiking
  • Exploring museums and art galleries
  • Visiting historical sites and monuments
  • Taking a cruise
  • Seeking thrills at a theme park
Person working on a tablet in front of a computer, Lynda Migrates to LinkedIn Learning

On March 11th our online learning platform migrated to LinkedIn Learning.

Online Learning

Person working on a tablet in front of a computer, Lynda

Learn a new skill with LinkedIn Learning

Access video tutorials on design, software development, photography, and more with LinkedIn Learning
Man practing Chinese character writing, Mango Languages

Learn a new language today

Access language learning courses in 70+ world languages with Mango.
Woman mechanic working underneath a car, All Data Auto Repair

Fix that check engine light yourself

Access vehicle diagrams and repair information with ALLDATA Auto Repair.
Man and woman shaking hands during a job interview, Brainfuse

Get writing help on your paper, email, or cover letter

Achieve your learning and career goals with live one-on-one academic coaching and the practice test center in Brainfuse.
Two young boys each using tablets while sitting, Bookflix

Read along with interactive ebooks

Help your child learn to read with interactive ebooks. Practice reading aloud with these children's book favorites in Bookflix.
Close-up of female orangutan and baby orangutan, Grzimeks Animal Life

Find pictures and information about more than 4,000 animals

What do animals do? How did they evolve? Where do they live? Find out with information on more than 4,000 animals in Grzimek's Animal Life.
Brown duck swimming in water, Birds of the World

Did you know a duck is a bird?

Discover the world of birds through comprehensive life histories for all bird species and families in Birds of the World.

Stream educational shows for kids

Take advantage of TV Series, movies, and more for your youngster on Kanopy.
A stack of hardcover books seen from the edge, Proquest Learning Literature

Explore author bios and criticism

Find author biographies and literary criticism in ProQuest Learning: Literature.
Pioneer covered waggon on the plains, History Study Center

For high-schoolers to history scholars

Explore documents, maps, multi-media and more from ancient times to today.
Teenage boy working on math problems with a calculator, Brainfuse Homework Help

Struggling with that math assignment?

Online tutors are available 7 days a week for every subject. Get one-on-one assistance in math, science, writing, and more.
Europe at night seen from outerspace, Science Reference Center

Dive deeper into the scientific and natural world

Find in-depth information and science experiments with Science Reference Center.
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