Contact-free services are available at all libraries. In-building services are not yet available.

Library on Wheels

While some Library on Wheels services are resuming in a modified way, others remain paused due to health and safety guidelines. Please call 360-651-7059 with questions.


Library on Wheels

Manager: Sonia Gustafson

Sno-Isle Libraries is committed to our vision of connecting everyone in the community to a library. That's why we take the library on the road to reach underserved areas and populations. Learn more about the variety of services we offer through our Library on Wheels!


The Bookmobile provides library service to underserved communities.


Library on Wheels delivers library materials to people who are homebound or unable to visit a library building. We also service senior housing and care facilities.

Child Care Visit

Library materials and services are delivered monthly to licensed child care centers, Head Start programs and ECEAP programs.


Every month the Bookmobile provides library service to underserved communities. The Bookmobile operates on a regular schedule, with twice a month visits to each location. Check out our list of community stops below to find out where we'll be.

If your community is interested in becoming a Bookmobile stop and you meet our requirements for service, fill out a Request for Bookmobile Services to start the process.


Every month we select and deliver library materials and services to people who are homebound or unable to visit a library building because of age or long-term disability.

Service to Individuals

We provide library service by mail or in-home visits to individuals with a long-term disability (at least 3 months) that prohibits visiting a library.

Materials can be mailed to individuals as needed and include a return envelope with postage paid. Individuals who require a large amount of material or do not have easy access to mail are visited in their own homes or within care facilities.

Service to Senior Citizens & Housing Facilities

Facilities can request library service for their residents through deposit or cart service.

Cart Service

Large facilities with high resident interest can receive cart service. Once a month, we wheel carts full of materials into the facility for resident browsing and borrowing. Must have safe, reserved parking for 25 foot vehicle and a community meeting space for library set-up.

Deposit Service

We bring a fresh selection of library materials each month, based on residents' interests and needs. The facility director must sign an agreement of responsibility for lost or damaged materials.


Child Care Visits

Every month we deliver library materials and services to licensed child care centers, Head Start programs, and ECEAP programs.


How It Works
Once a month a staff member delivers library materials and every other month presents a preschool (ages 3-5 years) storytime. The children can participate in Explore Summer and other library reading promotions through Library on Wheels.

The boxes of library materials include a variety of books for different ages, as well as idea/activity books for caregivers and teachers. Teachers and caregivers may request books to support curriculum topics.

Learn more about eligibility requirements.

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