Comical Cookbooks

Tired of heavy, hardbound cookbooks with their glossy pages and picture-perfect dishes? Looking for something new and easy-to-follow to get the cooking juices flowing? Check out these charmingly illustrated comic books for the home chef. Learning a new recipe has never been more fun!

Let's Make Dumplings!

Colorfully illustrated in a whimsically hand-drawn style, this cheerful cookbook is packed full of recipes for sweet and savory dumplings from across Asia. A Prose Bowl 2022 finalist.

Let's Make Ramen!

Learn how to make your favorite Japanese comfort food at home. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes are accompanied by an illustrated history of this iconic dish. 

Cook Korean!

Enjoy everything from appetizers to dessert as you unlock the secrets of Korean cuisine with over 60 recipes for classic dishes. Written and illustrated by a Korean American cartoonist.

Japanese Cooking With Manga

This primer on Japanese cuisine was written by three European ex-pats known as The Gourmand Gohan Team. Follow along as they share recipes for traditional Japanese dishes alongside innovative, Asian-fusion cuisine.