Finding Peace in Words

By Jordan Cuevas

Inner peace is a hard skill to master, and sometimes the mountains of self-help books don’t speak to your soul. It’s in those times of need that the philosophical fiction novel shines through the clouds to give you a mantra, a beacon of light to focus on.

Listed below are 3 of those novels that can help you transcend your daily emotional outbursts and frustrations:

Island - Huxley is best known for Brave New World, but his final novel, Island, was his most hopeful and what he hoped would be his defining work. Island follows a man that finds himself washed upon the shores of a utopian island whose inhabitants slowly chip away his cynicism to reveal what life could look like from a different perspective.

Candide, Or, Optimism - Initially a little difficult to read, once you settle into Voltaire’s flair for language, the story of Candide – the terminally hopeful gentleman – makes you truly think about what it is to be happy. It is a witty and fast paced adventure that forces our main character to push his mantra (“everything in the world is for the best”) to its limits.

Siddhartha - There’s a reason every freshman in college is required to read Siddhartha. The epic of Siddhartha, following as he bounces from idea to idea, place to place, discovering insight from a cast of characters that are equal parts fantastical and painfully human. Siddhartha’s journey represents the journey of every idealistic person striving to find the simple answers to life.

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