Natural Housekeeping

by Natalie C. 

As we prepare for the Holiday season, cleaning becomes a top priority in anticipation of visitors and company. If you are looking to purge your cleaning supplies for something simpler or take a more natural approach to cleaning the home, here are some books to help you get started.

The Organically Clean Home

This is a great place to start. Starting with organic cleaning 101 and ending with example checklists for monthly, weekly, and sporadic cleaning frenzies. It has simple and easy-to-follow recipes for a clean home in every nook and cranny.

Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness

This one goes into depth on more than just cleaning solutions. It is mainly for cleaning and household task but has an expansive section on wellness tips as well. It involves everything from DIY deodorant to insomnia treatment.

The Organic Country Home Handbook

The Modern Organic Home

Both books from Natalie Wise go a bit more in depth about cleaning processes as well as harboring a ton of cleaning recipes. There is a bit of everything in these books including some more “niche” cleaning and home care like stuffed animal wash and lunch box freshener.

Green Clean

Chapters covering green alternatives for cleaning every area of the home.

Want to Learn More? Request a Custom Reading List!

Any one of these books is plenty material to get started or to go even deeper into green cleaning if you are already a pro. But if you still have questions, library staff can suggest more books on natural cleaning practices. Simply answer a few questions about what you're looking for and we will curate a Custom Reading List of 4-6 hand-picked titles just for you.