Prose Bowl: And The Winner Is…

This year’s literary battle comes to a close, with your choice for best book of the year taking its place as the Prose Bowl 2022 champion! 

It wasn’t easy, but you took eighty titles and whittled them down. In round one, we started with the ten most popular titles in eight genres, letting you decide to which titles would rise to the top to compete across genre lines. Those eighty titles were trimmed down to eight worthy contenders, representing their genre as they moved to the next round. 

Round two was genre versus genre! Fantasy vs. Romance, Science Fiction vs. Nonfiction, Crime Fiction vs. Biography, and Fiction vs. Graphic Novel. This is where things get heated! 

  • Fantasy beat Romance’s People We Meet on Vacation by a slim margin, sending Under the Whispering Door to the next round.  
  • Science Fiction’s Project Hail Mary took the lead over Nonfiction’s The Code Breaker.  
  • Crime Fiction’s The Last Thing He Told Me beat Crying in H Mart to knock Biography out of the running.  
  • Fiction’s Cloud Cuckoo Land was a clear favorite, winning with 372 votes to Norse Mythology’s 157! 

Those four winners went on to Round three- where you selected the two titles that move to the final round!  

The Last Thing He Told Me and Under the Whispering Door were voted out, leaving Project Hail Mary to face-off with Cloud Cuckoo Land in round four. 

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for! Our 2022 Prose Bowl Champion! 

(Drumroll please) 

Project Hail Mary 

This science fiction favorite won by a slim margin with 384 votes to Cloud Cuckoo Land’s 360.  

It’s been an exciting competition, but Project Hail Mary had what it takes to become the winner of Prose Bowl 2022!